PUBG is going to introduce 4 X 4 tropical map on the account of one year anniversary for the game. Check below the new PUBG 4×4 Map Details.

Just next to Fortnite, PUBG is one the most popular Battle Royale Game on the earth and constantly adds new features, skins, cosmetics in order to keep players stick to this game.

In the recent reports, PUBG has passed 30 million in sales but the ever-growing rise of Fortnite is making PUBG looks smaller day by day.

PUBG 4x4 Map Details

PUBG 4x4 Map Details

PUBG 4x4 Map Details

PUBG 4x4 Map Details

But this is just the start as the Tencent games are taking this battle of games upfront and has recently released the mobile version of Player Unknown’s Battle Ground for the Android and iOS devices.

PUBG Mobile launches officially for Android and iOS devices

Now, the Tencent games are going to introduce a smaller 4 X 4 Map to the PUBG making the battle royale more destructive, intriguing and enthralling for the players all around the globe. The new size of the map is just half the size of the other two maps Erangel and Mirarmar and its concept form was teased earlier on 8th of March. The new map will measure 4 x 4, which means a total of 16 square kilometres instead of 64 kilometres

But in the anniversary thank-you video from the developers has revealed the closer looks on map details and developers explaining to get more players associated with the game as they can receive feedback for improvements.


The smaller map will make the interaction with opponents players faster and in a relatively smaller arena than the previous maps and make the battle royale more exciting for its players. No date has been confirmed for the release of the game but the map will release in the early weeks of April 2018

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