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PUBG Corporation Is Suing Epic Games Over Copyright Infringement In Fortnite

Apart from the game now the battle between Fortnite Battle Royale and PUBG will be seen in the courtroom. According to The Korea Times recent publication, PUBG Corp. is suing Epic Games over alleged copyright infringement and filled a Lawsuit against them.

Korean game developer has claimed that Epic Games has copied their idea from Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and made Fortnite Battle Royale. PUBG Corp. wants court to test their claims.”We filed the suit to protect our copyright in January,” said the official.

Fortnite Battle Royale was released last year with only “Save the world” mode and in September Epic Games launched Fortnite Battle Royale version. After releasing the Fornite Battle Royale, PUBG was not happy with the with Epic Games.

“We’ve had an ongoing relationship with Epic Games throughout PUBG’s development as they are the creators of UE4, the engine we licensed for the game,” vice president of PUBG Corp parent company Bluehole Chang Han Kim said at the time. “After listening to the growing feedback from our community and reviewing the gameplay for ourselves, we are concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known.”

PUBG Corp. is always connected with Epic Games as PUBG is made on Unreal Engine 4 which is owned by Epic Games. Both companies share an ownership in Tencent. Tencent has 40 percent ownership of Epic Games while they have 10 percent of Bluehole (the company behind PUBG). Tencent is also behind the developing of PUBG Mobile game. But relationships between both company are getting worse over the Fortnite Battle Royale.

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There is no doubt that PUBG is the game behind the success of Battle Royale mode. PUBG began its journey with a mode in Arma 3 and after mode’s success, it converted into a game. After the coming of Fortnite Battle Royle with features and similarities like PUBG ( acc. to the developer), PUBG’s user is decreased more than half

This is not a first lawsuit over the game. PUBG Corp. had filed a lawsuit against NetEase over two mobile games for having clones of PUBG.

There is no statement from Epic Games has released till now. It will be interesting to see how Epic Games will prove themselves right.

PUBG is available as full version on PC and in early access as a preview on Xbox One.

Source: The Korea Times

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