Today I will explain how to aim better in PUBG or improve your aim in PUBG whether using a long ranged scope or aiming down the sight.In PUBG you may have all the best gear of PUBG but you always miss a Chicken Dinner without an ability to aim at targets and take them down with an ease.In PUBG you’ll get not much time to improve your aim and there is no practice session in PUBG to improve the shooting skills with a variety of guns.In the game, it can take many rounds of the bullets before you get comfortable with all the weapons on offer and start making perfect shots. So, in order to help you, we have PUBG guide that will help you to improve at aiming in PUBG.

PUBG Guide To Aim Better

How To Hit Moving Target In PUBG

The most difficult part of aiming in PUBG is to landing shots on the moving target. In the game, most of the time you’ll encounter with the moving enemy and that time it becomes very difficult to aim at him/her. If you miss a single shot on your enemy you’ll be in trouble.

WackyJacky101‘s video is a must watch for those looking to improve their aim when shooting targets who are running out in the open.

The main problem in targeting moving target it also its distance, so it is the first thing you should take into account. In the game, you can’t predict the distance of the target and without that, you cannot take a perfect shot. So, it can be helped by playing the game more times, the more you play, the more your judgment about distance will improve.

Here are some more tips:

  • When you are facing a target roughly 100m away from you, imagine one person just ahead of the target and shoot that imaginary person’s position.
  • When your target is 200m away from you shot the target by shooting at the position of two imaginary peoples leading the target.
  • Adjust your shot slightly if you missed your first shot.
  • You will have too little adjusting in making shots for different weapons as this tips are for the long-range weapon and different guns have different bullet velocities.

Master The Scope In PUBG :

Refer the WackyJacky101‘s video on mastering the 4X scope’s range and how to shoot the enemies at different distances.Belo

Below image from the Reddit, a  user iamAXO shows how to utilize scope when shooting targets at different ranges of distance.

  • 100m – Tip of the chevron.
  • 200m – Bottom of the chevron.
  • 300m – Top of the line.
  • 400m, 500m, 600m – First notch, second notch and third notch on the line respectively.

How To Aim Better In PUBG:

General Tips:
  • In PUBG patience is an important key to do anything whether aiming at the target. If you don’t have patience, you’ll not able to make perfect shots on target even with the best gear in PUBG. With patience make a conscious decision to the enemy and be sure that you are following above tips and you are in right position to score a knockdown.
  • Take a good mouse for PUBG and choose a good mouse setting. Choose a balance DPI rating, mouse acceleration and sensitivity in the game for you.
  • Again, practice makes a human perfect. So, keep playing PUBG and you’ll get better with time. It is the most valuable tips from all.
  • Instead, shying away from the fights and crowdy area, be aggressive and keep yourself engage in a fight when you’re trying to work on your aim. Always land in the crowdy area like School, Pochinki, Los Leones and try to kill more and more target. Even if you end up in losing the duels, it is one of the best ways to improve your close combat aim and rapid fire aiming.
  • You can also practice your aim by heading into squad matches as a solo player. You’ll face a real challenge of encounter more enemies and get involved in more action. Don’t get sad if you get loose in the game because more you practice more you become stronger at aiming and shot down the whole team.

Aiming Tips For PUBG:

  • When you zoom in with a scope or aim down the sight press shift to temporarily top your weapon form swaying from side to side. It will help you to steady your shots while firing at targets.Also, keep your eye on the lung capacity meter that appears at the bottom of your HUD. Once this runs out you’ll have to wait for this fill out.
  • At close range use hip-firing styles and use red-dot sights and holographic for more precision.
  • Always ready your weapon when about to take shots and pull down with the mouse if you are firing full auto. If you are shooting with single fire be patient to avoid the recoiling problems
  • Always keep 4X,8X and 15X scopes if you find them. Use them for facing the target at large distance.Always switch between them according to the situation.
  • If you are behind the covers don’t rush immediately and always peek properly.You should master this to have a better chance of getting Chicken Dinners. Press Q and E  while aiming down the sights to lean left and right.
  • The best players know how to peek properly and it’s something that you should master for a better chance at getting those Chicken Dinners. Pressing. Be unpredictable and re-peek corners while firing off a couple of quick shots to put your enemies in a difficult position.
  • Also, Don’t pick at same spots to make your enemy react your moves. Always keeps moving from one position to other to catch them off-guard.