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PUBG India Server hosted in Mumbai. How to Check PUBG Ping and FPS

Two games have totally revolutionized the gaming and esports industry in the past year. Both the PUBG and Fortnite are Battle Royale games with distinctive gameplay. The graphics and gameplay mechanics of PUBG looks more on the realistic side while on the other end the graphics and gameplay of Fortnite is a bit on the cartoonish side. But both of the games have enjoyed great levels of success. Fortnite in more famous in the USA while PUBG mobile is making its way to the Indian hearts. Many youngsters play PUGB Mobile with their friends, forming a squad in the game.

In addition to that, students in Indian colleges are organising PUBG events and competition. If you still have not installed the PUBG, you can get it installed on your phone by downloading the game from Google Play Store. For PC users you are required to buy the game from the Steam Store which cost around $29.99.

One thing all the PUBG players are concerned about is choosing the best possible server for playing the game. If the location of the server will be far away, the latency of the game gets on a high note and results in undesirable lags. In this article we share with you details about PUBG India server location and how can you check the server ping.

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds have hosted their servers with the Amazon AWS and the servers are hosted at many locations throughout the world. The game will work best for you and provide you with the better matchmaking if you will be connected to the nearest possible server. For the Indian players, PUBG has hosted its servers in Mumbai, India. So, if you are living in Maharashtra or in the southern region of India, you will be the best ping and lower latency. We shared below the list of places where the PUBG servers have been hosted. In the image below you can observe that In Asia-Pacific South, the servers have been hosted in Mumbai location. You can check the full list Amazon AWS servers from here.

PUBG India Server Mumbai Location

PUBG India Server Mumbai

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How to Check Your PUBG Ping and FPS in Game

If you want to check the PUBG Ping and FPS in the game, you can follow the video link shared below. The video has been presented by the courtesy of YouTuber Quaweds

How to Check Your PUBG Ping and FPS outside the game

If you want to check the PUBG Ping outside the game, you can use the website link mentioned below, which allows you to PING and latency for your location.


The results after you click on Ping will be displayed as shown below.

PUBG India Server Mumbai Ping

PUBG India Server Mumbai Ping


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