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PUBG New Snow Map, New Conquest Game Mode, Night Mode to launch soon: Leaks

One of the most popular battle royal game nowadays, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS or popularly known as PUBG is going to get the biggest update of all time in winters. Bluehole, the game developers teased the part of the new update during the Gamescom 2018 event, with an all PUBG New Snow Map. And now the details for the new map along with other new features leaked on Reddit. The leak suggested that PUBG will get new snow map, new game mode, night mode in the new update.

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Talking about the new map, the image of the new snow map named Dihor Otok was leaked. And it will be the other desert map, where more than 60% of the land is covered with snow. Also, the partitioned part of the map is connected by around 10 bridges.

New Game Mode –

Along with the new snow map, the other exciting part is the new game mode called Conquest, which is basically a capture the map mode, where a team need to capture a part of the map and the team who does it fast, wins Night Mode –

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PUBG New Snow Map –

Leaks suggest that the night mode will be featured in the new update too. As the name says, the players will fight on the battlefield at night for the Chicken Dinner, it will be literally a Chicken Dinner.

New Vehicle

Along with the above mentioned new map and the new mode, a new vehicle will land in PUBG battlegrounds too, called Beetle. Can’t wait to drive it.

C4 Explosion
Leaks also suggest that C4, which is a kind of bomb or explosion, will be available in the new PUBG update. C4 will deal with very high damage and it will be a rare weapon for sure

These are the leaks for the upcoming new winter update for PUBG, but for now, the dates are not known for the official update.


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