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PUBG Mobile Ban in India | Is PUBG Mobile Ban Real?

Nowadays, PUBG Mobile is in trends all over the world, with more than 200 million downloads on both Android and IOS devices all over the world with more than 30 million daily active players, which is more than for any mobile game, and specifically talking about the popularity of the game in India, Tencent itself claimed that more than 30 per cent of the PUBG Mobile players are from India. In India, an image has gone viral, according to which PUBG Mobile will be banned in India by the order of High Court of Maharashtra. But most of the fans are still asking, “Is this PUBG Mobile ban news real?”

Is PUBG Mobile Ban Real?

This is the not the first time, we are hearing this from Facebook, that PUBG Mobile will be banned in India, a couple of weeks ago, someone posted on a PUBG Mobile fans page, that the game will be banned in India from 2019 onwards, and that was done just for fun and attention only, following which other posts were done on various pages and groups, also, a lot of memes were made too. All of these was a part of the prank. And now, again, people on Facebook are talking about PUBG Mobile ban in India, after the image which has been posted on various PUBG groups and pages.

The image seems to be a legal notice from High Court of Maharashtra, which states that PUBG Mobile will be banned in India as the game is creating “ a lot of nuisance, and students are spoiling their own lives…”

PUBG Mobile ban in india

The image may seem to be legit, as the format used in the notice looks similar to the official High Court format, but the improper sentence formations made us believe that the image which claims to be the official PUBG Mobile Ban notice from the high court is nothing but another prank.

Moreover, when, PUBG Mobile publisher, Tencent Games was asked about the PUBG Mobile Ban news, the company confirmed that no such guidelines have been recieved from the government of India considering the ban, and the PUBG Mobile Ban news is fake.

Again, the PUBG Mobile Ban news is Fake, and the image was a part of the prank, as we have seen in the past month.

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