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PUBG Mobile Game Review – Finesse Of Battle Royale

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND Mobile has been recently launched for Android and iOS devices before it was available only for limited regions but now it’s official in the USA and more regions. Originally the game is developed for the PC and consoles, now Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studios reproduced it on mobile, and it’s a powerful reply to the launch of the Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile iOS. Coming on the game, I’ve played PUBG Mobile and tried it on OnePlus 5 and Moto G5S Plus. And here’s the PUBG Mobile Game review.

PUBG Mobile Game Review―


PUBG Mobile Game Review

Talking about the game-play of PUBG Mobile, it’s a survival game and will excite the players who love shooting and tactical games, you can simply log in to your Facebook account to save your progress, and play with your Facebook friends together working as a team. The game is a perfect blend which you will enjoy a lot. The game starts when the airplane drops you unarmed, with around 99 other players on an 8x 8 Km island. You need to search the various items which will help in survival, and some of them are weapons, accessories, and vehicles. There is a lot of things that can be done in the game other than playing with a variety of weapons like, driving vehicles, yes, it’s fun, going a little mad, you can hit to kill, you can swim and dive too, as long as your HP give up. As game proceeds you need to run for life, kill other players, loot their weapons and accessories, or they will knock you down, and not only this, after some interval of time the game-play area shrinks again and again, till it remains a small ring, and you need to be in the white circle region, which can be seen on the map, and keep yourself alive, or you will be killed slowly. The player who survives from all resistance till last wins the game. Your first game may be a little easier as the lobby won’t be having any real player, the number of bot player will decrease as you get grip on the game, but as the game will proceed you need to show some skills to win the matchmaking.

In starting Dumb Bots help you to get grip with the Game!


PUBG Mobile Game Review

PUBG Mobile can be enjoyed with friends and supports three game modes – Solo, Duo, and Squad. In solo mode as the name says you need to survive on the island alone, and you really need some good gaming skills to survive alone on the island. Duo and Squad mode of the PUBG Mobile is really impressive and it doubles the fun of playing this game. You can send the invite to your friends to play in Duo or Squad mode. Adding friend is simple you can either select your Facebook friend or you can add them manually by entering the In-Game Name or ID. Duo mode allows only one player and Squad mode three other friends to play. and none of your friends is online and you still want to play Duo or Squad mode then you will be automatically given some random players. I personally enjoyed both modes, and till now the experience with the Auto Matchmaking is great. And the other thing that doubles the entertainment is the voice chat option, this feature is great and you will surely enjoy it with the squad. it also supports the text chat, its good, you can send ready-made text, with a single touch, but it needs some improvement.

Invite Friends to join Squad


Now talking about the most important factor in a game other than gameplay, game graphics. Graphics are good not the best, and in the game settings, I tried to switch to the highest possible graphics, but it shows notice, stating, that it will be available on my device very soon and same happened when I tried to change the FPS to higher rates.

PUBG Mobile Game Review

The available graphics and FPS settings are not the best of all but will allow you to enjoy a balanced gaming experience. PUBG Mobile is available on both Android and iOS device and supports a lot of devices. But if you don’t have decent phone specs then you might suffer a bit.

Need smooth gameplay performance ? Low specs won’t work!


PUBG Mobile Game Review

PUBG Mobile is an arcade game and you will enjoy it a lot if you love shooting games and playing with weapons makes you go crazy. PUBG Mobile features a ton of weapons to knock down the enemies and the realistic sounds of the weapons makes the experience awesome, the another thing that I’ve noticed about the weapons sounds, is that the pitch of sound of firing guns from far away increases with decreased echo, which allows you to track the direction easily just by listening to it carefully, it amazed me a lot, and will amaze you too if you notice them. And the part that makes PUBG Mobile one of the best shooting games the feature to upgrade weapon’s ability, you can find a number of accessories in the play region, like, silencers, suppressors for almost arms, different scopes like Red dot, 4x, 8x zoom for better aiming, up-gradable mag size, vertical grip for SMG, upgradable Buttstock and more. You will find a variety of weapons in the game, some of this are rare and hard to find.

Great & Smart Audio, far away weapons’ firing Sound can be heard clearly.

Here’s is the list of weapons available in PUBG Mobile game.

Melees, Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Stun Grenade, Molotovs, Cross Bow

PUBG Mobile Game Review

• MINI 14
• MK14 EBR
• M24

• M416
• M16A4
• M249

• UMP9

• S1897
• S12K

• P92
• P1911

Features a miscellaneous Cross Bow!


PUBG Mobile Game Review

You will find a number of exciting things in the PUBG Mobile, and one of them is that you can also ride vehicles in PUBG. It will be harder to find them, but if you are lucky then you can find a jeep, motorcycle, truck, boat and 4×4 ATV. The controls are easy, accelerate, brake, left and right, all you need to do is to approach to the vehicle and tap on DRIVE. If you are playing with your friends you can also let them on the ride or join them when they drive and you can also shoot even you are in the ride. Riding the vehicles may be sound so fun, but it’s not always, Enemy can track you easily on their map when you turn on the engines and also can knock you down if you are riding and a little crash will cost your HP.

A jeep can’t save you from raining bullets, so lets not talk about the bike.


PUBG Mobile Game Review

When I experienced the controls of the PUBG Mobile for the very first time, I was surprised with the placement of controls by the game creators, kudos to them. The controls are simple anyone can easily adapt them but will take little more to master them. And all controls can be customized easily in settings option, you can change the button location increase the button size, make them static or dynamic, change the transparency of any button. The aim settings tab is a little difficult to understand, need some time to spend on them. You will find two buttons for firing, this will help a lot when you have to aim with scope and fire at the same time, so kudos to the creators again. Another feature that needs to be highlighted is the Aim Assist feature, which is one of the important things which is needed when you are playing on a device in which aiming can’t be done perfectly if controlled 100% manually. PUBG Mobile also features aim assist, with which aiming improves a lot. It worked perfectly in my experience, especially with the long ranges shooting with the assault rifles.

Controls’ Placement is Awesome.


On proceeding in the game you will get different badges starting from bronze 5th and will be ranked on the basis of your gameplay, skills, kills, KDR, survival time, and more. Don’t forget to check out the statistics for all modes. Different accessories and clothing can be collected to customize your avatar, which you can see in inventory. In social buttons, you can add new friends, chat with them, invite them and more.

• Exciting Gameplay
• Variety of Weapons & Accessories
• Good Controls Placement

CONS- (version 0.3.2)
• Higher Graphics option Unavailable.
• Higher FPS option Unavailable
• Map UI needs Improvement


PUBG Mobile’s performance is not the best, but it’s exciting to play, players need skills and tactics to win, gameplay for both solo and multiplayer are best. Officially recommended specs by the developers for getting the most out of PUBG Mobile are Android 5.1.1 or above and a 2GB RAM, but during my testing, the results with low-end devices were not that good. Game graphics and FPS rate could have been optimized for better performance, but surely this will be improved in the coming updates.

Ratings: 8/10

Download PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS

PUBG Mobile launches officially for Android and iOS devices – Open This Link 




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