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PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks & Ultimate Guide | +5 BONUS Tricks

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLE GROUND or PUBG was launched for Android and iOS platform back in the month of March. Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studios reproduced the most popular PC game on mobile, and it’s a powerful reply to the launch of the Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile iOS. PUBG Mobile is quite popular these days with millions of players around the world. With a number of new players joining the community, PUBG Mobile is still growing day by day. For all the new players I have tried to write a PUBG Mobile guide, and not only this the PUBG Mobile tips and tricks will benefit the existing players too. BONUS ALERT – In between the guide, you will find 5 bonus, that is, the exclusive PUBG Mobile Tricks.


pubg mobile tips and tricks


I have sorted the PUBG Mobile Guide and PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks in 4 Titles –

  • GAME SETTINGS  – PUBG Mobile Guide / Tips and Tricks related to settings
  • GAMEPLAY – PUBG Mobile Guide / Tips and Tricks related to gameplay
  • WEAPON GUIDE – PUBG Mobile Guide / Tips and Tricks related to weapons
  • AIM GUIDE – PUBG Mobile Guide / Tips and Tricks to aim better.



pubg mobile tips and tricks


Crosshair Color –

You may not find the importance of the Crosshair, but changing the color of the crosshair will make a difference. Choose a darker color, like blue or green, so that you can easily aim using the crosshair. It will surely make the difference, try it!


Aim Assist –

For mobile-based shooting games, the aim-assist feature is most important. As unlike PC gaming, there is a comparatively lesser control on the aim. In PUBG mobile, aim assist is given, and it helps a lot for aim and shooting. By default, the feature is turned on, but make sure if it is turned on or not.



Peek & Fire –

This is another feature, which is in PUBG Mobile and some people are not aware of it, as, by default, it’s not turned on. But you can turn the feature on in settings. And Peek & Fire can help a lot when you have to peek through a window or the door to shoot the hiding enemy. This will lower the probability of serious damage as you can take cover and fire. For Peak and Fire you get two options – Tap to peek and other is Hold to peek, that depends on you, which is suitable for you, but according to tap to peek is much better option, as after tapping on the peek button once you can concentrate on using the aim, so, I recommend to Enable it and the Peek & Open Scope button too, to peek and fire swiftly.


Graphics –

Now comes the important part on which your gaming depends on. As we all know, PUBG Mobile is a pretty heavy game to handle for the mobile devices, and only works smooth, with around 60 fps in high-end devices like OnePlus 5/5T/6, Samsung flagships, iPhone, and iPad. Even in the Play store, it shows that the game supports devices like Xiaomi 4A, but no, you will have a bad time with devices like these, sad reaction. But, still you can play PUBG Mobile in medium-end devices with a normal fps, but make sure to make the graphics Smooth in the game settings, if you are facing fps drops.

And most importantly, change the graphics Style, in the same graphics tab. You can select, Colorful if you face problem in recognizing running enemies. Realistic style is quite challenging. And don’t forget to Disable to Auto-Adjust option, this won’t help you a lot, and you might face a lag when graphics adjust on their own, so, rather than choosing Auto -Adjust Graphics, keep them lower on your own, on a low-end device. I have tried this, didn’t work!


Controls –

Controls and their placement are very essential for a good gameplay. Controls in PUBG are hard to use but easy to master, but you can do some tweaks to make it better. Firstly, make sure that you use the Display Left Fire Button, it is turned for by default but you can check it in the Settings > Basic tab.

Customize control according to your need, this can be done in the Controls tab in the Settings option. Here, first of all, I will recommend you to increase the button size, but it should be adequate in size, or you will face issues. Another thing that can be done is, increase the transparency of the buttons. This will help you to observe the environment more clearly. Transparency of hud like mini-map can also be decreased. I personally experienced no issues with it. Change the transparency of Fire, Inventory, Scope, Crouch, Jump, Peek buttons to around 30 – 40 %, whereas making it 80% for the minimap.


Auto Pick-Up –

A lot of my mates asked me about my settings for auto pick-up feature. So, for auto pick-up, it depends, if you are playing Sniper Game, you must Disable the auto pick-up, and I will reveal it later why. For any other other game, you can choose whatever you want. But, I personally don’t use auto pick-up feature. If you ask any hardcore player, he will recommend not to use it. So, Disable – Auto Pick-Up, and Enable – Collapse Pick – Up, in the Settings > Pick -Up.


Auto-Open Doors –

PUBG Mobile got this feature on the first update, players were excited about it, but logically, this feature has no use at all, if are supposed to be a pro in PUBG Mobile. It may excite you at the start, but you will get to know about the consequences. Think of a situation, where you are hiding in a house and have an eye on a nearby enemy. And for surprise fire at him, you need to open the door when you are all ready, but if you enable the Auto -Open Door, you may reveal your position by mistakenly auto-opening of the door, and who knows, you may get knocked out. So, if you are playing PUBG Mobile seriously, with strategies and all, you must Disable the Auto-Open Doors feature.

 BONUS 1 – A 4×4 or buggy can carry a total of three players at a time. How? Ask us on VoStory Facebook page.


Clothes / Accessories –

This part may not be important to you, but you must read it once. So, what you think, Do the clothing/accessories decide your win? According to me, it may help in winning the match but may drag you from the winning the Chicken Dinner for sure. Think about it, if you are sniping in matchmaking, and three players are laying down and hiding in the grassy area, which one is easy to knock down, the player with the red outfit, the player with grey, green, brown outfit, or the player with the ghillie suit. For sure, the guy with the red outfit will catch your attention first, and the guy with a ghillie suit, the least. So, the logic is, put an outfit without punchy colors, go for brown, green if you have it in your inventory. This will help a lot in the Miramar ( the desert map), where there is no place to hide or to take cover, here, the light color outfit will help, but only at the start, as after you will be spotted easily with the black bullet vest or helmet.



pubg mobile tips and tricks


Jump and Run –

Battle Royale games like PUBG  Mobile are all about sneaking and killing other players. For hiding, you can take covers, but it’s hard to survive when you are in an open field and enemies are raining bullets on you. For this the best tip is to jump and run, the logic is simple, don’t be an easy target for other. Doing this you create some chances for your survival, but simple sprint won’t save you at all. So, next time when you run across a field and hear firings, run like a mad cow.


Don’t forget to use Stun and Smoke Grenades –

In PUBG Mobile every weapon has its own significance, whether it’s a stun grenade, a smoke grenade, and a frag grenade. Frag grenades are most important, but smoke and stun grenades. So, where to use them?

You must have at least two smoke grenades, and the best condition they should be used – First, imagine, enemies knocked down your teammate, here you can use smoke bomb, smoke the area where your teammate is, this will make harder for the enemy to aim him again. And you revive him in the meantime. Second, if you need to cross a path, which is surrounded by enemy snipers, smoke the path, so, you pass easily across it.

You must use Stun grenades too, instead of looting a ton of bullets, loot some Stun grenades too. So, where to use them? Stun or flash grenades are of great use when you are rushing into a house where enemies are camping already, throw Stuns grenades along with frag grenades to take advantage of those few seconds. Stun grenade on blast blinds the enemies for around 5 seconds and not only this, for another 3 to 4 seconds they won’t be able to hear any sounds clearly, so no footsteps sounds, right. So, next time before rushing in a house, don’t forget the mighty Stun nades.


MOLOTOV is the deadliest!

You might have used almost every type of grenade, stun, frag and smoke, but have you used Molotovs? Molotovs are not easily available but if you find one, use it for sure. Frag grenades are good, but the opponent can save himself from it, How? continue reading, but molotovs give no chance at all. After dropping the molotovs you will just see flames in an area, and whoever steps in this area will be damaged highly by the flames, to give you an idea, I can say the deadly flames reduce around 3/4 of the HP. So, now you know that the molotovs are special and can’t be ignored at all. All you have to do is find one and throw it precisely.


Are you using Frag grenades correctly?

Frag grenades can easily fry the enemy, but players are not getting the most out of it, not using them correctly, probably you are one of them. Firstly, as you already know, frag grenade takes six seconds before they explode. And imagine, if you throw the grenades at the enemy too early, they will have enough time to run away to the safety. So, the trick is to hold the trigger for at least two seconds before releasing the grenade, so, that it explodes near the enemy without letting him rush. So, throw the names according to the distance, as the holding time is just an estimation. The second trick is to increase the trajectory of the grenades. Throwing nades has a limit, but you can increase the distance a bit, by running a little, just before releasing the trigger. It will help.


How to survive frag grenade damage like a pro?

Sometimes a situation may come, where you are stuck in a house or hiding there, and someone attacks you, and if you are facing a good player, most probably you will face the frag grenade attacks. So, what to do in the situation, if you have no time to run away from it. In a scenario like this, you can’t save yourself completely, however, you can lower the effect of the frag grenade damage. To do this, react fast and crouch down completely, doing this, the grenade won’t damage you completely and you will survive for sure, like a pro.


Look Around button –

It’s not a new feature in PUBG Mobile, you all have used it earlier, but the point is, players, do not use take full advantage of this feature. With this feature, you can use the Eye button to look around your surrounding without moving your game avatar. This is useful in peeking through the windows in the third-person perspective, but pro players use it frequently. You must use it, this will help to have a look while running to the safe zone, where you can’t even wait for a second.


Energy Drinks & Painkillers –

Energy drinks and painkillers are other important accessories than bandages and medi kits for health recovery. As bandages won’t give full recovery of health, you have to have energy drinks and painkillers to increase HP more than 75%. Both of them are important, painkillers do more recovery than energy drinks. Not only for health recovery, if you have an adequate number of boost drinks, try maintaining that orange line near about 25%, and make that orange line more than 50%, if you are about to take damage against the blue circle or blue zone.

So, you might be thinking, how much should you carry? Well, if you space in your bag, then carry as many as you can, but, if you need to collect bullets, and you have no space, then you may drop boosters too. Generally, at least 5 energy drinks are OK, whereas, at least 3 painkillers should be kept in the backpack.


Run Faster –

PUBG Mobile is all about hiding, surviving and running, and running or sprinting become so important when you are being chased by the blue zone circle, and a few seconds can decide your survival. So, to run faster than the usual, you can do two things, first of all, while running doesn’t keep the weapon in hands, tap on the already selected weapon to put it back. This will increase your speed a little more than the normal. The second way to increase the running speed is by boosting the energy bar, the orange line under HP. This is where energy drinks and painkillers come in use. When you boost the bar more than 60 percent, you can run faster than normal, and this will really help when you are running for life in the blue zone.


Keep an eye on Blue Zone / Circle –

In PUBG Mobile, your enemies are not only the other players but also the blue zone or the circle. The blue zone shrinks the playing ground after a fixed time. So, you need to keep an eye on that too, especially while looking for weapons. The blue zone doesn’t damage a lot in the starting two or three circles, but in the ending circles, you will face a fatal damage by the blue zone.


How to survive the Blue Zone?

In PUBG Mobile you will be in the situation where you are gettings damages and need to get out of the blue zone. So, how would you survive? Your first preference while running for life must be searching for a vehicle to get out of the zone faster, but if you can’t find any vehicle, next option is to boost your energy and run like hell, this may save you. Don’t forget to boost you the hp, if you have to run a lot to come across the blue zone and hp is going down gradually, the best is to wait for a second and boost the hp then run, for this bandage works best. Boost a little, run a little.


Understanding the BlueZone or the Circle: Damage, Timings. (Erangel Map)

Circle Time until blue circle starts to shrink White circle diameter Damage per second (without distance variation) Time until blue meets white
1 300 seconds (5 minutes) 4550 m 0.4% 300 seconds (5 minutes)
2 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds) 2970 m 0.6% 140 seconds (2 minutes 20 seconds)
3 150 seconds (2 minutes 20 seconds) 1480 m 0.8% 90 seconds (1 minute 30 seconds)
4 120 seconds 740 m 1% 60 seconds
5 120 seconds 360 m 3% 40 seconds
6 90 seconds 175 m 5% 30 seconds
7 90 seconds 90 m 7% 30 seconds
8 60 seconds 40 m 9% 30 seconds


Bandages & Medi Kits –

Bandages and medi kit is the primary way to increase your hp, but none of them can increase the hp more than 75% of health, use energy drinks and painkillers for that.

So, how much should you carry? Bandages can be found easily anywhere, so you should not carry more than 8 bandages at a time, and not more than 4 medi kits. The thing is, they will only occupy the unnecessary space and you won’t use all the bandages. You better you carry some bandages only, if you need more, search a bit, they are easily available.


Which vehicle to choose? –

“Search for Vehicles”, vehicles are best, when you need to cover a large distance, can save you from the chasing blue zone or the circle. But it should be kept in mind that vehicles are not safe, as they the roaring engines attract attention. So, you should choose a vehicle, which can save you from the raining bullets.

If you have options, always go for a jeep – with the roof, or the four-seater car, these may save you. Whereas, a jeep without the roof, the 4×4 or buggy, the motorcycle, have comparatively fewer chances to save you. When going through such a condition, simply drive in a zigzag manner to survive.

BONUS 2 – You can climb on the rooftops and snipe down enemies from there. How? Ask us on VoStory Facebook page.


Don’t Forget the Boat –

In PUBG Mobile we can also find boats or jet skis other than car or jeep, and you must not ignore their existence at all. Riding a jeep or any on-road vehicle always exposes you to the enemies, and it’s hard if you want to cover a larger distance on the map. In some situations, a boat comes in great use, you can cover the distance with the lower risk of getting exposed and killed by the enemy snipers. So, use the boat wherever possible.


Where to find the Vehicles?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the vehicles, as there are only a few places where you can find a vehicle 90% of the time, but if you are not there, try searching the vehicles near the roads only. There are possibilities, you will find a vehicle, the best way to search for the vehicle, is when you are gliding down the plane, if you are near the roads, you can find it.

The places where there is a high probability to find a vehicle 


ERANGEL Map: garage in Pochinki, garage in Mylta, garage in Rozhok, garage in Novorepnoye, garage in Lipovka, garage in Georgopol, near Hospital, any others.

You can check out the destination in the map below.

pubg mobile tips and tricks


MIRAMAR Map: In Miramar, the desert map, there are no garages like the Erangel map, but still you can find vehicles, near roadsides, and the more probability to find the vehicles are in La Cabrera, El Pozo, San Martin, Los Leones, Impala, El Azahar, and more.

You can check out the destination in the map below.

pubg mobile tips and tricks


Never remain stick to a vehicle –

It’s great to find a vehicle at earlier stages of matchmaking, but some players always don’t play mature and remain stick to the vehicle they found even in the ending too, but it’s not safe at all. Use a vehicle only when you need to travel a lot. And say goodbye to it, when you are near the end of matchmaking, that is, the last 3 circles of the matchmaking, as it will only expose your positions to the hiding enemies.


How to land fast in PUBG Mobile –

Ever wonder how players land much faster than you and get all the loot, if yes, you need to see this. If you jump on a marked position only when the airplane crosses that point, then you are doing that wrong already. The trick is to jump off the plane before it reaches to that position and covers the remaining way by gliding and parachuting. As tested by me and many of my friends, that covering the vertical distance after the jump by gliding down and parachuting takes longer than the previously mentioned method. You can also test this, by asking your friend to reach there by plane and you by gilding.

And this is not specific when to jump off the plane to reach directly to the destination, you will only come to know with practice.


See enemies while landing –

It’s easier to tackle the enemies if you have a little idea about the position of the hiding enemies, next trick will help you a lot in this. The moment you jump of the plane you can track the position of enemies, for this use the Look Around feature or the eye-icon to see the enemies parachute and observe them till they land. This will give you little idea of enemies position, and you can make strategies according to that.


What to choose TPP or FPP?

PUBG Mobile in its new update got the FPP (First Person Perspective) mode. And some players ask, which mode to choose and why. If you used to play the TPP mode than it will be a little harder for you to continue with it, I recommend you to play on FPP, for more competitive matches in PUBG Mobile. But if you having a problem adapting the FPP mode you can continue with the TPP mode, no problem in that, a lot of players still play TPP mode.

Where to Land in PUBG Mobile –

Actually it can’t be exactly told that where you should land in a map to get the most of the loot, as it is random, if you found a plenty of loot on a destination, and expecting the same for the next matchmaking, it is possible that you may not find the good quality loot that time or there is also a probability of finding better loot than the previous time you were there. And secondly, you can freely jump to the place you want without worrying about the blue zone a lot, as you get enough time to get to the safe zone, and the starting circle doesn’t do a lot of damage and you can recover easily.


Based on Competition –

1. High Competition: First let’s talk about the places which are high on risk, and you will find a lot more resistance. So, if you are new and just started to play PUBG Mobile, I recommend not to go to these places. You may find a good quality loot, but more probability are that you won’t survive after landing, in a normal matchmaking majority of the players land here. In Erangel map – Military Base, School, Pochinki, Prison are places of high risk, and in Miramar map – Los Leones, Power Grid, San Martin are places of high risk and competition. Only land here if you are experienced to face the high competition. You can check out all destination marked in Red, in the map below.

pubg mobile tips and tricks


BONUS 3 – You can hide in the trees and snipe down enemies from there. How? Ask us on VoStory Facebook page.


2. Medium Competition: After this let’s talk about the places with medium competition. Here, you will find some competition lower than previously discussed, but if you are a new player, you can try landing at these places for finding loot. You can land here with your squad if you want to play a safe game for longer survivals, you can easily get time to get fully packed for action-filled gameplay. In Erangel map – Apartment near the school, Georgopol, Bunkers in Military Base, Mylta, Mansion are places of medium risk and competition. In Miramar map – El Pozo, Monto Nuevo, Chumacera, El Azahar, Impala, are places of medium risk and competition. You can land here for a less resistance start. You can check out all destination marked in Yellow, in the map below.

pubg mobile tips and tricks


3. Low Competition: So, at last places with low competition but good quantity loot. You can jump here, if you are jumping far away from your squad, or want an easier start in the PUBG Mobile. Other than the places that we have discussed above are all having lower competition but there is no point to discuss them, so, here are the places, which are low on risk but you may find loot there. Sometimes, you may find enemies here, but can be tacked easily. In Erangel map – Stabler, Mylta Power, Lipovka, Ruins, Gatka are places of low risk and competition. In Miramar map -Crater Fields, Tierra Bronco, Graveyard are places of low risk and competition. You can check out all destination marked in Green, in the map below.


Based on Loot –

Let me clear you again, that it can’t be defined where you will get the best loot, as all of this is random if you found 8x scope in school at a time, then there is no point to expect it again, it may or may not be there. The location for loot, that I am going to discuss is only the possibility to find loot that place.

1. High Quality & High Quantity – First, let’s talk about the places where there is a higher possibility to find high quality as well as high quantity if loot. Here, there are higher possibilities to find some of the rarest items like 8x scope, Level 3 Military vest, Level 3 Helmet (Spetsnaz), Adrenaline syringe and many more. You can easily find the items like level 2 vest, level 2 helmet, Assault rifles, and bullets. Search carefully, expect high resistance. In Erangel map – Military Base, crates in Georgepol Prison, Novorepnoye are places for high quality and high quantity loot. In Miramar map, you will find the high-quality loot more frequently, like Kar98 sniper rifle, 4x scope but it will be good if you find them at specific places – El Pozo, Prison, El Azahar, Campo Militar, Pecado, are places for high quality and high quantity loot. You can check out all destination marked in Violet, in the map below.

pubg mobile tips and tricks


2. Medium Quality & High Quantity –  Now, let’s move on to the places with medium quality, but higher quantity. Here, you can easily find the SMGs, Assault Rifles, Level 2 vest, Level 2 Helmet easily, but if you are lucky you can find 4x scope and maybe the Kar98 sniper rifles. These places will easily make you ready for action-packed gameplay if you manage to come through the competition. In Erangel map – Georgepol apartments both sides, School, apartments near the school, Ferry Pier, Gatka, Rozhok, Stabler, Mansion, Lipovka are places for medium quality and high quantity loot. In Miramar map – Monte Neuvo, Los Higos, Chumacera, Impala, La Cobreria are places for medium quality and high quantity loot. You can check out all destination marked in Blue, in the map below.

pubg mobile tips and tricks


How to get the AirDrop faster?

PUBG Mobile offers great supplies by the means of airdrop which comes in specific time intervals. You can get some rare supplies in the airdrop, rare assault rifles like Groza, and AUG, rare sniper rifles like M24, MK14, AWM, and scopes like, 4x and 8x scopes. But, the airdrop is the drop of death, this is said for the reason, as you might aware of the fact that looting the airdrop is super risky, there are 95% chances that you will be facing the resistance.

How to get the airdrop? You need to have patience and act smart to get the drop. First of all, as soon as you see the airplane for the airdrop, check if you see that near the ending of the circle, if yes, you can be sure that the airplane has not released the airdrop till that time, and you can start chasing for it, grab wheels for chasing it. And as soon as it drops, and you are on that spot, don’t run for it with all of your team members, but let only one teammate get the airdrop, to lower the risk of getting laid if enemies attack you.

If you have visuals on the airdrop crate and it is in the field or anywhere far, you need to wait for a little, must not run for like a mad cow. Only run for it, if it’s safe, use smoke to make that path easy for you. If enemies attack you, use the airdrop crate as cover.

You can use the airdrop as a bait. To do this, camp a sniping area near the airdrop create and get ready with the scopes and guns. If no one comes for it, simply go for it.



Best WEAPON Combo –

Weapon selection is the most important task in the PUBG Mobile, a good combination of weapons coupled with skills and strategy can make you win that Chicken Dinner. So, for good weapons, you need to land in good places where, the probability of finding good weapons is higher, and we have discussed that earlier in the post. There are a number of weapons in the PUBG Mobile in each category namely, Sniper rifles, Assault rifles, Submachine guns, Shotguns, Pistols, Melee weapons, and others.

The very first tip is for the beginners, who sometimes pick up the same gun type like two SMGs in both the slots, this won’t work as SMGs don’t have higher range as compared to the assault rifles or sniper rifles, and sometimes picking up the 7mm guns or 5mm guns in both the slots, which won’t help a lot, but read the tips and tricks below, and thank me later.

Your weapons combinations should have one weapon for close combat, and other for long-range combat. The problem is any random should not be used for making a good combination. Here, I have discussed some combinations that can be used, assuming you have required attachment like scope and others.


EXCELLENT: Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle In this combination, sniper rifles will be used for long-ranged combination, obviously, and an assault rifle for a close range. Sniper rifles are hard to find, but on trying hard you can find Kar98 sniper rifle, Mini 14, SKS, but other bolt-action sniper rifles can be found only in the airdrop crates. So, below are the recommended combination for the close combat and long-range combat. The combination at number 1 is the most recommended, but if you are unable to find any weapon mentioned in the slot, move to the next slot for a better combination.

Recommended Combination –

  1. (AKM / Groza / AUG ) & (AWM / M24 / Kar98K)
  2. (M416 / Scar-L / QBZ ) & (SKS / Mini 14 / SLR)
  3. (Assault Rifle – M16A4) & (MK14)


BEST: Assault Rifle and Assault Rifle – In this combination, you can use assault rifles in both of the slots, where one of them will be used for close combat and another for long-ranged fights. Go for this combination if you are unable to find the above-mentioned combination in matchmaking. The AR-AR combination is also good and is the most commonly used combination as sniper rifles are hard to find, however, some players recommend using AR-AR combo instead of using sniper rifles. For long-range, the recommended assault rifle is M16A4, which works in Burst Mode and Single Bullet mode, you must use single bullet mode, but the burst mode can also be used for raining bullets with lesser recoil at long ranges. But if you use any other assault rifle for long-range combats, it is recommended to use single bullet mode only. The combination at number 1 is the most recommended, but if you are unable to find any weapon mentioned in the slot, move to the next slot for a better combination.

Recommended Combination –

  1. (AKM / Groza / AUG ) & ( M16A4 )
  2. (M416 / Scar-L ) & ( AKM / M416) – single shot mode


Good: SMGs and Assault Rifle In this combination, you can use SMG and Assault Rifle in the slots, here, SMG will be used for close combats and also to support the other slot, as in other slot assault rifle will be used for long-range and sometimes for close combat too. This combination can be easily found in matchmaking, but if possible you must upgrade the slots to the above-recommended weapon combination. Here also, it should be kept in mind that if you use the Assault Rifle for long-range use M16A4 or other assault rifles with the single-shot mode. The combination at number 1 is the most recommended, but if you are unable to find any weapon mentioned in the slot, move to the next slot for a better combination.

Recommended Combination –

  1. (UMP 9 / Vector) & ( M16A4)
  2. (UZI / Tommy Gun) & ( AKM / M416)

There are many more combinations that can be equipped like you can use Shotguns for close combat. Shotguns give a high amount of damage on one single shot, so you can trust shotguns. But there is a disadvantage too, shotguns can only be used in a small range, it is recommended that you upgrade it for a higher slot, as mentioned above.



How to Aim Better in PUBG Mobile –

Having a good combination of weapons in the slot doesn’t mean that you can easily shoot the enemy down easily. Every game has its own game mechanics and you need to play according to that otherwise you are going to miss every bullet fired from the gun to take down the opponent. For short ranges, you need not worry about the spray patterns and recoils much, but for long-range, you can’t control the spray patterns and vertical recoil easily, though it can be managed and after all the Aim Assist will help you a bit.

pubg mobile tips and tricks
The spray pattern of different guns in PUBG Mobile


Short Range Targets – For short-range, you can fire the bullets without putting much efforts to control the recoil. If you are playing with SMGs like UMP9, Vector, UZI, you can simply hold the trigger button to rain the bullets and knock down the enemy easily. Same with the assault rifles, you can hold the trigger after aiming the enemy. The vertical recoil in assault rifles like AKM, won’t create many problems.


Medium Range Targets – Taking down the medium ranged targets are not easy, especially if you are using guns with more recoils. Here, you need to control the vertical recoil, as getting the attachment won’t support a lot, but make sure to attach them. You can control the recoil easily, while firing, hold the trigger and drag it a little downwards to counter the vertical recoil of the gun. In assault rifles, almost all gun will give vertical recoils, but specifically, AKM needs more controlling. So, never fire the bullets like a freak, never remain to hold the trigger, rather than this try, hold – release – hold pattern to control the vertical recoils at medium range. And do same with the other assault rifles too. You can check out the image below to have an idea of the spray patterns of different assault rifles in the PUBG Mobile.


High Range Targets – Knocking down the enemies at the high range is not a piece of cake at all according to the game mechanics of the PUBG Mobile, whether you have assault rifles or sniper rifles with full gears. At high ranges, the recoil of the assault rifles guns mess up the things, even if you try to control the recoils of AKM or M416. So, never try using sniper rifles for long ranges. But if you have no choice other than using assault rifles, then M16A4 is the best choice as told earlier. The burst mode in M16A4 fires three bullets at a time, and there is a lesser effect of vertical recoils, and this is why it is a perfect choice, but if the ranges are really high, you must change the Burst mode to Single-mode, and you will find the single bullets with zero effect of recoil, and it will be easier to hit the target.

If you are using assault rifles like AKM or M416 or any other rifle, you must change the Auto mode to Single-mode to hit the target without any vertical recoils. Follow Tap -Tap -Tap pattern in Single mode.

pubg mobile tips and tricks
Spray patterns with different grips.


How to Aim Precisely in PUBG Mobile? –

As already told above, PUBG Mobile has its own game mechanics. Other than different spray patterns of different guns in the game, there are different mechanics for bullet travel. In PUBG Mobile if you have a sniper and aiming precisely for the head of an enemy standing 700m away from you, then there is no chance for the bullet to hit the head at all. In PUBG Mobile bullet follow the mechanism similar to the real world, the bullet follows a projectile motion or a curved path.

To give an idea, we can say, it’s like a ball travels when you throw it at an angle. So, similar to that,  you need to change the angle, or I must say, push the aim a bit upwards before aiming and firing the bullet.

There are no specific parameters by how much you have to push the aim upwards but to get an idea you can check out the image shared by a Reddit user.

pubg mobile tips and tricks



How to Aim Moving Targets in PUBG Mobile –

Again it’s all about understanding the Physics of bullet travel in PUBG Mobile. Your fired bullet will miss the target, if the target is moving or running, again this is similar to the real-world mechanics. In a situation like this, all you need to do is placing the aim at a little forward in the same direction. Like, if the target is running right, you need to take the aim a little forward to it on the right side of it and vice versa. It depends on the pace of the target according to which you need to determine how much forward you need to place the aim.

If the target is far away and moving, then you need to combine the above-mentioned point too. Like, if the target is far away and moving right, then combine the push upwards and push the rightwards movement for aiming it

It’s not necessary that even after reading all this you will be better in aiming at PUBG Mobile. All you need to do is implementing all the points and practice them. After all, it’s all about the skills.

So, this is all about the PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks and PUBG Mobile guide. Hope you liked it, and this will be helpful for you. If you think we must add any other points too, then let us know in the comments section below. Also, let us know if you have any queries related to this PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks and PUBG Mobile guide.

Special Thanks to my mates, who contributed in making of this PUBG Mobile guide.

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