Friday, July 1, 2022
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PUBG earlier announced this year & became quite famous with its PC gamers all over the world.

It wasn’t a typical shooter but tactical one in its own way. Spawning 100 players at once,able to deploy at where-ever you want to.It gives you freedom to play as you want but the objective is to stay alive at last and be the “One” in hundred.

There was a controversy with its Animated version launched free on Ps4 as Fortnite Battle royale. Allowing players to behave in a funny way and all the mechanics are identical,fortnite ran into some lawsuits of its own.

Xbox one just launched the beta version of PUBG and its still early to say that its actually suffering.

PUBG running on low settings is not the problem but it seems like the console is not able to perform well at all. Beta version of the game isn’t the polished version,so we can expect hiccups.

There is lot to see for the game in coming months, more lawsuits or xbox year? 


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