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Purana Pyaar Review, Now That’s What We Call A Lovely Life

Purana Pyaar is an ongoing Rom-com web series which is the season finale of comedy web series, Love Handles Pyaar Ke Prakaar S1 under Gorilla Shorts Youtube channel. The series gives a new direction to love as it revolves around two oldies who run away from old age home and rediscover romance in the adventure and magic of mountains. Series stars Lillette Dubey and Mohan Agashe in the lead.

What is Purana Pyaar all about?

Purana Pyaar is all about the eternal love which tells you that you are never too old to love. A beautiful ride in the valley amongst mountains where an old couple relives its life and rediscover romance, humour and adventure. Purana Pyaar opens portraying a guy who is astonished to know that his father played by Mohan Agashe eloped with Mrs Sharma played by Lillette Dubey from old age home, after getting this news he rushes to old age home and is handed over a letter left for him by his father which contains a picture of Mohan Agashe and Lillette Dubey and at its back he wrote Your new mom. Series drags further portraying the old couple in the beautiful valley among the mountains and sharing each other’s heart out. There comes a moment where Agashe takes Mrs Sharma to his school’s old people reunion where he meets his childhood friend Pandu with whom he used to tease and when he made  him meet his rumoured girlfriend, Mrs Sharma, Agashe to his astonishment gets to know that Mrs Sharma is Pandu’s divorced wife and then to make him feel envy both of them performs waltz.

Purana Pyaar


Purana Pyaar is Flawless.

Purana Pyaar is really worth-watching and gave way to the new mindset that love is something which is eternal and ceaseless. You can welcome it in your life anytime you want. Each and every moment is filled with love, understanding, acceptance and liveliness which shows that it is important to enjoy every moment of your life and with everyone, if you feel happy and comfortable.


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