Qualcomm 5G antenna could be the future of gigabit 5G

Qualcomm unveiled it’s first ever gigabit Qualcomm 5G antenna. It just might be the key to the missing piece of the 5G puzzle. The Qualcomm mmWave 5g Antenna will let you get the promised gigabit internet speed on your phone.

Is it the only Qualcomm 5G antenna?

By now, there have been many answers to the 5G problem. At MWC, Qualcomm tested some available 5G antennas, and the results were impressive. People saw a significant jump from their previous bandwidth. But there is more potential in 5G than that we realized. 5G can utilize mmWaves to tap into its full power. These short wavelength signals can take your bandwidth all the way upto a giga-bit and beyond. But it incurs a heavy cost.

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The cost of short distances. The mmWaves travel in relatively short wavelengths. It means that these waves can only be transmitted for short distances only. Apart from that, any obstacle, even the user’s own hand on the device, can block these signals.

The Qualcomm mmWave 5G antenna

The Qualcomm mmWave 5G antenna provides an elegant solution. The unit houses a 4-antenna array and is smaller than a penny. These antennas use Qualcomm’s algorithms to connect with the nearest 5G tower. Not just this, they can even bounce off signals from surroundings, rendering obstacles harmless.

Qualcomm 5g antenna, 5g antenna, Qualcomm mmWave 5g antenna, mmwave 5g antenna

As for the hands interfering with the signal, Qualcomm has another solution. The Qualcomm 5G antenna is designed to work in conjunction with other similar units. A teardown of Qualcomm’s upcoming X50 Modem shows us that it will place these antenna chips at 4 different extremes of the device. It will result in a 16 antenna setup ready at your disposal.  It will ensure that at a time, the user cannot cover all of them by accident. This will drastically improve the whole 5G experience as you can be carefree of how you handle your device.

Our Take

All of this is right now prototype and theoretical. Qualcomm hasn’t come out with a proper demo to showcase the capabilities of the new Qualcomm 5G antenna. It means Qualcomm will still do some work on it. If they are able to materialize all these promises into a chip, it will be perfect. They have even put a timeline of early 2019 for the release of devices having this chip. Now all that’s left are 5G networks, which no one has any idea, will be available. Fingers crossed, we suppose?

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