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Qualcomm may announce Adreno Turbo GPU Boost Technology to take on Huawei’s GPU Turbo

Last month, Huawei announced its GPU Turbo Technology which aimed to improve the performance as well as power efficiency of GPUs in its smartphones. The company claims that the technology improves the performance of all Huawei and Honor devices by 60 percent while reducing power consumption by 30 percent. In response to that, Qualcomm is also announcing something similar to this – Adreno Turbo GPU Boost Technology.

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Qualcomm Adreno Turbo GPU Boost Technology

Qualcomm China has teased an image of some upcoming improvements to the Snapdragon chips on its official Weibo page. Nothing much is revealed but the image notes characteristics such as ‘Faster’, ‘Smoother’, ‘Cooler’, ‘Smarter’, and ‘Longer’ of the Snapdragon SoC.

Although they don’t really need to do that just for sake of competition because the Kirin 970 powering Huawei P20 Pro was found to offer only 50-60 percent of the graphical performance of the Snapdragon 845 powering OnePlus 6. Even with a 60 percent boost in performance, it’s unlikely to beat Qualcomm’s best. Qualcomm states that there is a special focus on gameplay so users should expect a smoother and faster gaming experience at much higher frame rates.

Qualcomm Adreno Turbo GPU Boost Technology Huawei GPU Turbo Technology

It is still not known that ‘Adreno Turbo’ be an implementation on existing Snapdragon SoCs or is it something to look out for in the Snapdragon 855. There isn’t much details about the release but the teaser says it will be revealed on July 25 so we should be getting more information tomorrow.

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