Razer has introduced it’s very first pro gaming microphone for streamers and podcasters. It will make you feel very amazing that you never experienced before. It is called as “Razer Seiren Elite” and has following amazing features:

Dynamic Capsule:

It features a single dynamic capsule which ensures minimal electronics interference so your sound will become richer, warmer and very smooth during the live stream.

High-pass filter:

It features high-pass filter for removing unwanted low-frequency sounds like the sound of fan, footsteps and other unwanted sounds from the neighbor for having clear signals.


Vocal Limiter:

The microphone will keep the control over your voice with the vocal limiter. Whenever you shout or loud due to excitement and over-enthusiasm. It’s digital/ analog vocal limiter will automatically adjust your audio gains and distortion due to shouting and will provide balanced and smooth audio during the live stream.


Unlike other microphones, it doesn’t require any other mixers and converters for having perfect sound because of the features discussed above. You can directly plug and play with the microphone without any problem.



Other Specs:


You can buy the microphone from the Razor store for $199.99.

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