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Read One Piece, Naruto Manga Free with Official Shonen Jump App Manga Plus

All the manga fans can cheer up as they have received a gift from one of the famous manga publisher Shueisha with the release of their official Shonen Jump application named as Manga Plus where you can read numerous manga titles for absolutely free. This means you can now read One Piece and Boruto absolutely free and that too official.

Manga fans all over the world are really happy to hear this news and they can’t wait to read their favourite titles.

In one of his interviews, the Shonen Jump+ editor, Shuhei Hosono has said that this will attract manga readers from all over the world. The newly launched app and web-based manga platform will have the similar schedule for the publication of manga chapters as for the Japanese version of Shonen Jump+.

One Piece Manga

The creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto has also expressed his joyful views on Twitter with a message, “JUMP comics will now be available simultaneously throughout the world! Because now it’s official, there will be many titles that can be read! Extraordinary !”

The Manga Plus application has been released for both the Android and iOS devices.

Also, the latest chapter of One Piece (931) has been released for free reading on this App.

Download Official Shonen Jump Application  

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