Steven Spielberg, the director who envisaged the Sci-Fi genre and delivered excellent movies like Jurassic World, E.T. which have changed the course of how films are being developed. In present-day Sci-Fi blockbusters like Avatar and Inception, there is a hint of the art to which Spielberg gave birth. However, for last few years he shifted his focus from blockbuster movies to drama oriented and realistic films which were also mesmerizing, be it Bridge of Spies or The Post. Still, the fans missed his presence in the blockbuster arena, and that void is filled by Steven Spielberg’s latest movie Ready Player One. The movie is based on the Ernest Cline‘s novel of the same name. Ready Player One stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, T.J. Miller, Lena Waithe, Simon Pegg and Mark Rylance.

Does Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One live up to the expectations?

The story of Ready Player One is shown to be set in the year 2045 where society has been in shambles and people spend most of their time playing OASIS, a virtual reality game developed by James Halliday(Mark Rylance). After his sudden demise, the world comes to know about an easter egg competition created by him whose winner will gain the full control of the game and half a trillion dollars. From this very moment, things are set in motion as in the movie every player starts finding the clue to each of the three levels. One who is able to complete the first level will get a key and a clue for the next one. And one of these players is Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) who is an orphan and lives with his aunt. He feels Oasis is his true home where friends Artemis(Olivia Cooke), Aech(Lena Waithe), Sho(Philip Zhao) and Daito(Win Morisaki) are his family. The plot of the movie is entirely based on the pop culture references and after seeing it I can say that the film is made for either 90s generation or geeks who love playing Atari console games and are crazy about comics.


Steven Spielberg beautifully brings the world of Oasis to life and you would wish to be a part of it. The movie can keep you excited and thrilled as characters battle to solve the puzzles. Each clue keeps you on the edge of your seats and makes you feel like you are also on the mission with them. However, the real world of the movie is not aptly constructed and feels boring like ours. You always want to escape to the world of the oasis as characters in the film would do. This major flaw hampers the character development, and you feel more connected to their cool versions in the game. As soon as you enter the world of Oasis the whole pacing and the dynamics of the movie changes and you are again pumped up for the adventure which characters are going to embark on. Love angle between the Artemis(Olivia Cooke) and Parzival(Tye Sheridan) appears half-baked whereas you get emotional for the love angle shown between James Halliday and his girlfriend whom he never proposed.

The main antagonist of the movie is Sorrento, the CEO of company IOI who wants to get the full control of the game to monetize it. The underlying theme of the movie draws a parallel line to the concept of net neutrality where we commoners are fighting for free internet whereas tech giants are trying to abolish it and use it for monetary proposes. However, if you don’t understand what net neutrality is, see the movie and replace the character of Wade Watts with yourself and IOI with Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg. Steven Spielberg and writers Zak Penn and Ernest Cline finely portray this issue in an engaging and adventurous way.

On the action perspective, the movie is a complete blast there are tones of references to your favourite characters, video games and movies you name it are they are in the film. And when you see these characters in action, you will automatically jump in your chairs. Seeing T-Rex and King Kong wrecking havoc and then Harley Quinn and Joker dancing makes you smile. But the fight sequence between Mechagodzilla and Gundam makes you pump up your fist and cheer for Wade Watts and his friends who are trying to save the game by winning it. The background score by Alan Silvestri beautifully blends in with the movie and supports in taking it to another level.


There is the right amount of suspense, thrill and a hell lot of action that will keep you invested in the movie until the very end. Baring few scenes you will surely enjoy the film if you are from the 90s and love the action, video games and Steven Spielberg for the magic he creates on the 70mm screen which solely means its a movie for everyone.