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Overwatch Reaper Self healing increased insane amount with PTR update

Reaper’s last update has increased its self-healing capabilities significantly, and players can’t stop discussing it.

The PTR update for the Overwatch Game went live on January 7th, 2018, and with the update, Reaper self-healing has increased from 30% of damage dealt to 50%

Overwatch caster Mooshubeef, tested this change to the maximum levels and found some very interesting results which make the reaper less vulnerable

Mooshu boosted Reaper’s damage ( in response self-healing), with Ana’s Grenade and Nano Boost, Orisa’s Supercharger and Mercy’s Damage boost

With all this damage, Reaper healed itself to 628 points with all the buffs applied, which is fairly a very huge number.

Mooshu has shared a chart below which demonstrates, the amount of self-healing and damage did with each ability.

Overwatch Reaper Self healing increased with respect to damage dealt

Overwatch Reaper

PTR update has gone live on January 7, but there is still no update when this will go live in the main game itself

With this amazing self-healing ability, it would be quite difficult to take down Reaper


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