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How to record iphone screen with official way in iOS 11

record iPhone screen !!

Before iOS 11 recording iPhone screen in a official manner was a very onerous task by connecting it with the Mac and the using Quick time player to record the screen. However there are 3rd party apps available which can record the iPhone screen. But In iOS 11 Apple has embedded this feature right into your phone.So to record the iPhone screen why do you need an 3rd party app when there is a official way to record the screen. Read on to find how to record iPhone screen with official way.

The screen recording tool in iOS 11 can not only just record what is going on screen but can also record audio as well as voiceovers. The recorded video of the screen will be saved to the photos where it can be trimmed or edited. So Let’s find out how to use it.

Step 1::First you have to add the shortcut for Screen Recording in your control center.
The screen recording tool is like just like Bluetooth ,WiFi , flashlight ( we mean that it is not an app ,it is just a control center tool ) .But screen recording tool is not enabled by default.

To enable it just Open settings and open “Control Center” In the next menu look for “Screen Recording” and enable it( add to control center ) by tapping on the green plus symbol next to it.record iPhone screen

Step 2:: Now Start Recording Your Screen
Once the screen recording tool is added to the control center,you just need to tap on it to start screen recording

The screen recording tool is added to record the in app sound or music while recording Screen .But if want to want to add your voice to the video ,then you have to long press (3D touch ) the screen recording icon and an mic will be present at the bottom side so just tap on it to record your voice.

Thankfully ,the screen recording will start three seconds later after you actually tap on the recording tool. Which becomes really handy while editing the video later.

Once the recording is started ,the colour of status bar will turn red and will that way till your screen is being recorded. So if status appears somewhere in your video it will appear red an there is no option or way to disable it.Hope it might be fixed with software update.But if you are recording games and other stuff the status bar is mostly hidden it that type of apps .

Step 3::Stop Your Video Recording

To stop the screen recording you just have to slide up the control center and tap on the screen recording tool and expand it and press “Stop Recording.” Otherwise you can also to do it by opening the red indicator and selecting “stop” button.

Once the screen recording is off ,A notifications will be pop up with the option to preview you recorded video. However , Alternatively you can directly view your recorded video in the photos app.

Step 4:: Edit Your Video

After recording your screen you will definitely need to trim those unwanted extra starting and ending of the video. So to trim the video just select the “Edit” option to trim the video.

However after trimming the video when you will save it by clicking on “Save as New Clip” your video will be saved as a copy . So the original recording will be still safe in case you trimmed video more than its needed.

So that’s all for how to record iPhone screen with official way. If you have any difficult regarding recording the screen feel free to ask us.

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