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Red Dead Redemption 2 hints in GTA V

Rockstar’s one of biggest game after Grand Theft Auto Series was Red Dead Redemption.The intense-game was pure masterpiece.

Red Dead Redemption was rockstar’s new ip after Gta series & it was seriously one of the best game i have played.That game’s protagonist was a badass,being able to start a new life,his life came to an horrific end and that made all of us sad.

Rockstar’s another biggest creation was its Gta series.I still remember playing Gta:Vice city on my shitty laptop but it was a revolution where you can kill anyone or do anything.Vice city was so popular back in the days,everyone was so into gta after that.

Grand Theft Auto V was the first game in series where we can play three characters simultaneously. Characters were so different from each other but the story of the game made it to come together for the heist and that is the biggest part of the game.

Gta V online was a mode where you can play in the same atmosphere with your friends.You can do heists,races and  other activities to earn xp.It was the first time where we get to play online in the same universe.

Rockstar launched “The Doomsday Heist” update earlier,it was also confirmed that players have to solve a mystery to get a RDR2 weapon which will later been carried in Red dead redemption. Rockstar also confirmed the name of the item – ‘The Double Revolver’.By completing the headshot challenge in Gta online, user will get the in-game cash bonus and then unlocks the weapon in RDR2.

The event isn’t live yet. Lets just wait and see what we can expect from the event and how rockstar is planning to launch it and also what all items are there to lookk forward too.


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