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Reddit News tab launched on its iOS Beta version app

The popular internet-community website Reddit just launched a ‘News’ section in its iOS app (Beta version). The Reddit News on iOS will serve as an amalgamation of all Reddit communities that discuss and engage in news .

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The move is aimed at making it easy for users to find news and current events. Earlier, people had to browse to specific sub-reddits and subscribe to them. Most of the time they didn’t know which sub-reddits to subscribe to. Now the News section will automatically feature news articles from all popular sub-reddits which discuss and engage the news.

What makes the News in Reddit News?

The logic is simple. Reddit has various sub communities called sub-reddits. These sub-communities discuss on various topics. What Reddit News tab will do is it will scan through all major sub-reddits where news is being discussed, gather news common to them and put it in the News tab.
The sub-reddits which participate in the News tab have a few more requirements. They have to abide by Reddit’s content policy and guidelines. The sub-reddits also need to post news with an accurate title. Also, these sub-reddits need to be moderated.

reddit news

Reddit divided the News tab into further subsections like sports, business , technology, world affairs etc. This makes it convenient to browse the kind of news you want. You can choose your interests and Reddit will arrange the posts by sections.

Final Words

Reddit is a wonderful place to know about things, get links and even get breaking news. With the inclusion of the Reddit News tab, people who are not pros at using Reddit will also be able to get news easily.
The News section for Android is still under development and will be available soon.


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