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How to register account for Netflix on PC in India: Step-by-Step

Netflix, the popular streaming services in the world providing a brilliant medium for the people all over the globe to stream a number of TV series. Netflix produced not only the international hits like Stranger Things but also local TV series in various countries, including India. Talking specifically about the services in Indian market, the services are popular but still struggling to get a higher reach, even the company is still introducing new Indian TV series. It might happen because people are not aware of procedure to start streaming and think it to be a complicated one, but it’s easy and we have explained it below.

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Follow the below steps to register account to stream on PC or Smart TV. So, here’s

How to register account for Netflix on PC.

STEP 0 :-

To start with, you need to visit the Netflix official website on your PC.

STEP 1 :-

You will need to create a account, for further procedures. For this enter your valid email id and password. And proceed to Sign In.

You need to create a account, even if you want to go for a Free month.

Now if you’ve done that, let’s proceed to next step.

STEP 2:-

Now, you need to choose a suitable plan for streaming the TV shows. You can choose from three variant, Basic, Standard, and Premium.
These variants, not only differ on the quality of streaming video, but on others too. In basic version, you can stream only on one screen at a time, where as Standard video give option to stream on two screen and the premium version gives option of four.

Select suitable streaming plans

STEP 3:-

After selecting the desired streaming plan, you need to pay for the plan. For this, you will be asked to enter the details for online transaction. And if you are using Netflix app, you need to subscribe with the Google Play for online transaction, if you haven’t already.

Now, if have done all the steps, you are all ready to stream TV series, movies on Smart TV, PC and Smartphone.

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