Instagram is a famous social media application for sharing snaps, all over the globe, with millions of daily active users. Instagram has a lot of features, like adding filters, editing and sharing post. But the post sharing criteria works differently in this application. Instagram only allows you to share any post, only by sharing the link for the post, but you can’t share the post, with a single tap. There is a way, with which you can repost Instagram post on your account’s home page easily. This application is easy to use, and works smartly, with a simple user interface, and you can also do a little customization to the tags, tags are important to repost Instagram post with mentioning the name of the source. So, here’s

How to repost Instagram post using Repost app

STEP 1 –

To repost any Instagram post, you need to download the app, called “Repost for Instagram”. The app is easy to use, and available to download for Android and iOS devices free of cost.

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STEP 2 –

After installing the repost application the first step is to visit the Instagram post that you want to repost on your own Instagram feed. For this go to the post and tap on the more options, the 3 Dot icon on the top right of the Instagram post. After that, select the Copy Link from the given options.

repost Instagram post


STEP 3 –

After copying the required link, open the Repost For Instagram application. The amazing thing about this application is that it automatically reads the link that you copy from the Instagram app, you need not to paste the link again to repost the Instagram post. You can easily see the preview of the post whose link you’ve copied. Tap on the preview. After which you will get some options by which you can customize the repost, like you can choose the color of tag and position of the tag. After doing the suitable customization tap on Repost button at the bottom.

repost Instagram post

STEP 4 –

After tapping on Repost with suitable customization of placing tags, a dialogue box will pop up, showing the further steps and two options. You need to simply tap on the Open Instagram option. After which you will be directed to the Instagram app and there you need to go with the next step.

repost Instagram post

STEP 5 –

After opening the Instagram app, the Repost For Instagram app directly opens the post photo. Here you need to do the same steps as you do to post any photos of yours. Tap on the arrow as in screenshot and after selecting the suitable filter and doing the required edits, simply tap on Next.

repost Instagram post

STEP 6 –

Next step is to fabricate the caption for the Repost. You can either add your own caption or copy the caption of the repost. To paste the same caption of the repost, long press on the caption and tap on Paste. The Repost app allows you to easily paste the same caption of the original post with credits. And finally tap on Next to repost the Instagram post.

repost Instagram post

After following the above-mentioned steps, you can check your Instagram account’s home page.

repost Instagram post

So, these were the simple steps for How to repost Instagram post using app.

Note: If you use multiple accounts on your Instagram app, then don’t forget to switch the account on which you want to do the repost, before proceeding with the Repost for Instagram application.