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Respawn revealed they banned 700,000 Apex Legends hackers till date

Apex Legends rose to success after its initial launch, but the game had a constant steep fall due to fewer content updates. Also, a huge number of hackers have always been troublesome for the game.

Respawn Entertainment has blocked many hackers since the release of the game, but it has plagued the game so much that it has always been a hot talk of the community.

If you are an Apex Legends player, there is a chance you might have run into one of them during your play sometime or another.

Apex Legends

Respawn has recently updated the community that they have banned 700,000 hackers and cheaters. In addition to that, they have blocked 300,000 from getting created.

Dev update on cheaters and spammers from r/apexlegends

These blocked accounts might be of those hackers who got banned initially and tried to make new accounts. Some players who reported to receive a hardware ban, this might be the reason.

Banning Statistics by Respawn Entertainment

Total Bans – 770K players
Blocked Accounts – 300K players
Banned cheat seller accounts – 2000 players
Total affected matches on PC impacted by cheaters or spammers have been reduced by over half in the last month due to recent efforts

Respawn is taking hackers very seriously but it is still an ongoing fight between hackers and Respawn Entertainment.


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