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Respawn teases that Leviathans could cause mayhem in Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn Entertainment have released a cryptic message which suggests that Leviathans in Apex Legends could cause a significant change on the map in season 2.

Apex Legends Leviathans

Since the game’s launch, Leviathans were standing near the surrounding water of King’s Canyon. Now, ahead of Apex Legends season 2 release, they have started moving toward the King’s Canyon.

Apex Legends Leviathans
The Leviathans are moving inland towards Kings Canyon.

Developers have quickly addressed that the animals may not be friendly when they will reach the play area. In an Instagram post, they have posted a message which reads as: “L001 is moving southbound at a rate of ten klicks per hour after a sixteen-hour rest interval. This is yet another significant rest-time reduction. We suspect L001 is exhibiting signs of territorial behavior or distress. We will continue gathering data and attempt to determine the issue.”

L001 in message probably refers to one of the Leviathans in the game. If it is true, then according to the message the animal is in stress which can be proved, harmful for players.

At the top of the message, there is a small note stick with  “What’s wrong with Rosie?” written on it. Rosie could be one of the beasts.

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? L001⁣ > ? DATA LOG AZ71P

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It seems that the Leviathans are keen to get back on the land as the loading page of Origin shows them on the land.

Apex Legends Leviathans
The Origin login screen shows the Leviathans beside a broken Repulser.

Also, Apex Legends Season 2 trailer shows the players zooming past the eye of one of these beasts.

Apex Legends Season is releasing on July 2, you better keep eyes on the beasts to see whether they will invade the map on final days of Season 1 or start of season 2.

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