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Breathe Review – R Madhavan and Amit Sadh starrer Amazon Show is a Masterpiece in Making

Breathe Review – A grippy and thrilling story combined with spectacular performances make it Worth Watching!!

Amazon aired India’s first significant TV series on its platform titled Breathe starring R Madhavan and Amit Sadh in the titular role. The fate of streaming service is running in this series as it tries to target a large group of audience with the multilingual release having famous actors.

The series opens with a shocking scene and gets you on the hook as the opening sequence begins. It revolves around a police inspector and an ordinary man who is going through the tough times and how their lives get entangled with each other. The show opens with a scene depicting how good Kabir Sawant skills are as an inspector portrayed by Amit Sadh, but the loss of his daughter has pushed him to a path full of guilt and remorse. Then we get a glimpse of Danny, a simple man with high morals living a happy life with his son. As we got close, we find out he is also facing tough times as his son is suffering from a rare lung disease and organ donation can only save his life. India being a country of superstition there is a scarcity of organ donors & to add to his worries his son is of rare blood group.

The series tries to bring out how far a man can go for his son. With this theme at its heart series also focuses on the issue of organ donation and how it can save many lives. As Danny Mascarenhas portrayed by R Madhavan finds no possible way to save the life of his son who has just 5-6 months with him. This situation pushes him to a dark and gruesome path where he has to put organ donors in a brain dead situation to save the life of his kid. Parallelly we see Kabir deal with biggest mistake of his life which led to the death of his daughter and end of his marriage.

Each episode is grippy and full of fantastic cinematography. No where you will lose the interest and find yourself utterly engrossed in the stories of major characters. Till now we have seen the first four episodes of the season, and we can say this has taken to Indian television to just another level. The story is also compelling and how it has been portrayed makes it a great to watch. The background score is enigmatic that it lends more tension and thrill to each scene.


Coming to acting each actor has done tremendous work. R. Madhavan is no more a chocolate boy hero after this one as it will change his image as we see him. Amit Sadh lends an equal soul-breaking and thrilling performance. Other actors in supporting roles add more texture to the story and stop it from going to bland or bitter. Especially Hrishikesh Joshi with his comical presence in between the serious scenes make you chuckle.

The series shows a mirror to all the saas-bahu serials running on the Indian television and make them realize just how pathetic each one of them is without any storyline. We are thrilled with such a fantastic quality of work being brought to us on the small screen. The show gives you a feel of good international series with the massive budget.


The mid-season finally left us all at the edge of our chairs, and now we eagerly wait for the rest four episodes which will be released in coming four weeks one by one. This undoubtedly adds to the thrill and excitement which everyone will go through. We have our fingers crossed and hope that this turns out to be a gem which Indian’s will cherish for a long time.

So, stay tuned for more updates related to Breathe and be here again when we do episode 5 analysis in detail on Feb 3.

Mid-Season Rating – 4/5 stars


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