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R Madhavan’s Breathe Trailer – A Glimpse of Dark & Vindictive Series

R Madhavan’s ‘Breathe’ seems dark and gritty!! 

Amazon Prime Videos released the trailer of R Madhavan starrer ‘Breathe‘ a thriller drama series packed with amazing story and action. After the success of its original series like ‘Inside Edge‘ starring Vivek Oberoi and Richa Chadha in the titular role and Biswa Kalyan Rath directed Lakhon Mein Ek. A lot is riding on Breathe, and it will target the larger group of audience in India because of the presence of Madhavan.

The story of series revolves around the character of Danny Mascarenhas who is a single father portrayed by R Madhavan. One day he comes to know about the rare illness of his son with only 5-6 months in his hands. The rare disease can be cured if his son gets the organ donation from an AB- which makes the situation more complicated because of the rarity of blood group. The series will put a question in front of viewers ‘To what limits you will go to save your child?’ As the series progresses, we see the character of Madhavan shift towards a darker shade as he goes a killing spree to find the organ donor for his son.

R Madhavan makes a solid debut with the gritty and raw story on the television directed by Mukesh Sharma. Fans of Madhavan for the first will see him in the such a dark role as he tries any means to save his son.


The story also focuses on the character of Kabir a non-conventional Crime Branch officer portrayed by Amit Sandh. Kabir also suffers from the loss of her daughter. As in the trailer, we see him struggling with the fact that his own mistake led to the death of his daughter. The show will also focus on the cat and mouse chase between the two characters as one tries to outsmart another.

The trailer is eye-catching and gives a glimpse of series filled with raw action and thrill. The background music of the trailer also complements the dark and gritty story. The series looks promising which is backed by a fantastic cast that can bring any story to life. It airs on January 26th, and we hope Madhavan and Amit just steal the show away with their spectacular performances.

Amazon Prime Videos with this one has got a headstart over its competitor Netflix and Hotstar. The battle will only get intense as we go along the year. However, war like these will only benefit us as we will get the fantastic television to consume around the year.

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