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Roblox Stellar Avatar Bundle : Everything you need to know

Roblox, The Online Game Platform by Roblox Corporation. Anyone can sign up for Roblox and either play the games made by others or make their own game there. You don’t have to know coding to make games in Roblox. They have their studio called Roblox Studio,which takes care of all the technical stuff. The games are created using Lua Programming Language and under an object-oriented programming setup.


It’s actually pretty simple. You will need an email address or Facebook account to sign up for Roblox. You can play it on Xbox, Android, iPhone, amazon fire app store, and Microsoft store, and also on the web browser.

After you create your account, you will have to choose your avatar. Avatars are nothing but human-like characters which once chosen will by default show up in your appearance for all the games.


It’s a 3D Human-like Character that will be your identity inside the Roblox universe. Avatar’s appearances can be changed to best suit your style and preferences. You can also change the body parts, accessories, clothing skin colors, animations, and a lot more of your avatars. Roblox is giving you more choice by offering you complete freedom about how you want the world to see yourself inside Roblox.

There is also an avatar shop, where you can purchase using Robux a variety of items for your avatar. Like some cool avatar animations, how your avatar runs, walks, swims, jumps, and many more can be purchased and installed right from here.


Just 4 days ago Roblox Corporation launched a new avatar bundle -Stellar the Solar Scientist. Stellar is a girl explorer who is traveling into deep space to analyze the possibility of new life and planets. Stellar avatar was the winner of Roblox’s 3rd Avatar Design Contest.

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Buying a Stellar bundle will get you 6 body parts, 3 accessories, 6 animations, and a costume. For more information or to purchase the Stellar bundle check out this link.

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