Fortnite is the game with all the thrills and requires great tactics to emerge as the winner. The players in Fortnite use various skills to outperform their opponents. With so much happening all around you in the map, one needs to stay cautious and keep an eye in every direction to save themselves from the attacks of opponents. One skill which is most talked about in the Fortnite these days is Rocket Ride, which was previously observed in Fortnite’s Halloween event. In that event, few adventurous players were able to surf on rockets fired from the Pumpkin Launcher. It requires the perfect timing of the jump to ride on the rocket in the fiery pace. Below we will see, How to do Rocket Ride in Fortnite?

Well, this skill is little tricky to get mastered but we have prepared a little guide to help you out with perfecting the rocket ride. Just go through the below-mentioned process and you will be cruising on the rocket across the map in the blink of time.

How to do Rocket Ride in Fortnite

How to do Rocket Ride in Fortnite

1) The first thing you need is a partner in the game, for that you can either team up with your friend or you have to team up with someone in Duos or Squad Mode

2) Once you have found your partner, then you require to find a Rocket Launcher. It can be little difficult to find one rocket launcher, but for that, you have to casually play the game and search in places, homes or kill enemies and get lucky to find it with loot

3) Figure out the place where you want to ride and target the rocket, which will supposedly be the enemy camp

4) Find a flat surface or make a flat structure with the building material

5) Now both the Player 1 and Player 2 need to have proper positioning with respect to each other

6) The Player who will ride the rocket should stand in front of Player 2 with some distance and the direction of both players should point to the direction where they want to go.

7) Player 2 who is standing behind the Player 1, facing in the same direction should aim the rocket launcher at the waist of Player 1

8) Then Player 1 need to make a jump wherein Player 2 need to time the rocket at the time of jump where Player 1 attains the maximum height of the jump.

9) Well, it takes some tries to perfect this jump and then you can bang on the enemy base on the rocket. But make sure to jump off the rocket and open the gilder, else you will get exploded along with rocket hitting the place or any structure


  Credits: Jahnke2Fast (YouTube)

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