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The Russo Brothers Collaborate with Andy Muschietti of ‘IT’ for Sci-Fi Thriller

Russo Brothers & Andy Muschietti Join Arms to Work On Apocalyptic Sc-Fi Movie

The powerhouse duo Russo brothers who are currently directing the most anticipated Avengers Infinity war are teaming up with Andy Muschietti. Andy Muschietti rose to the fame for his adaption of Stephen King’s acclaimed horror novel ‘IT’. They will be working together on the illustrated book named ‘The Electric State’ by artist Simon Stålenhag. Russo Brothers won the rights of the book in a bidding and now will are roping in Andy to direct and produce the movie.

Electric State is a historical art book which revolves around a girl and his robot traveling in 1990 across the USA in an alternative reality. The book focuses on the dystopian world where humans are facing adverse situations because of advancement of technology. Stålenhag’s artbook was produced with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, a promotional video regarding the concept of the world-building and visual scope of Stålenhag’s vision for apocalyptic America can be viewed here. The novel has similar cues to Netflix’s popular series Black Mirror.

Ready Player One is Sci-fi movie by Steven Spielberg is a story which focuses on the dystopian future. It will be interesting to see the Andy Muschietti and Russo Brothers vision on the world which is in ruins because of use of too much technology.

Russo brothers have given us one of the best Marvel Universe movie which has an apt balance of action and thrill. Whereas Andy has been responsible for providing us with the most horrifying joker, we have seen who is the reason for many sleepless nights. In an interview with Deadline, Russo brothers say “The opportunity to partner with inspirational talents like Simon, Andy, Chris, and Steve is exactly the reason we started our company”. “We can’t wait to help this team create something special.”

After seeing these many creative geniuses coming together and working on a fantastic concept make this movie an highly anticipated one.


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