Sacred Games Season 1 aired on Netflix on 6th July has set a stupendous competition for the Bollywood. This thrilling crime drama has everything stuffed in so perfectly that makes it a thriller, directed by the most celebrated directors of Bollywood Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, stars Radhika Apte, Nawazzudin Siddiqui, Neeraj Rabi and Saif Ali Khan in the lead role followed by other class actors. This series based on the novel of the same name written by Vikram Chandra. (Sacred Games Review)

Glimpse Into The Sacred Games Season 1

Sacred Games Season1 is a crime thriller set in the backdrop of Mumbai begins portraying the endeavours of the Mumbai Police inspector Sartaj Singh to untangle the mystery behind the suicide of Ganesh Gaitonde (a don with a god complex) who called him and gave a tip to save Mumbai within 25 days which further follows with the hunt for the rest of the members of the G-Company or we can say the complete thread which is attached to this tip. The gangster saga makes Sartaj investigate parallel to the RWA officer Anjali Mathur played by Radhika Apte and the series follows a heap of curves and unpredictability keeping us at the edge of our seats making us inquisitive.

Sacred Games Season 1 Sacred Games Review

A voice-over by Nawaz was running at the back of the series narrating his life story and untangling the mystery of the sacred games which means the religion game. Saif and Nawaz both fought for the soul of the city and both the directors haven’t left any stone unturned in giving their exceptional best in the series by going far beyond their comfort zones and nowhere in the series we felt that the things are dragging.

Saif Ali Khan thoroughly tailored the character and portrayed his role as a short-tempered but honest cop as he was fed up with the corruption in the system. What makes the sacred games more engaging is the chase game for every scrutinized detail leading towards where all this began from. The episodic structure of the series kept giving us the idea about what’s there in the heart of every episode as they are named after the chapters of Mahabharata and portrayed how the so-called servers of the country have made the city and country hollow by making the citizens fight for religion and political benefits. (Sacred Games Review)

Righteousness and modesty are questioned in the series as that’s what the precise situation of the country, no one gives regard to the decency and honesty rather everybody is on one mission that is to grind their own axe and looting as much as they can from any source keeping aside their morals and virtues. Sartaj Singh is the optimal hero in the series as he was many times allured by bribe, women and even promotions but he decides to stick to his modesty and even disregarded the orders of his seniors for following the right path which leads to his suspension. He is shown living alone in his apartment with the happy memories, unlike the bootlickers and crawlers who became celebrated for no reason.

Sacred Games Review

This unabashed story of pulpy crime, ruthless political games and weaponised religion showed the real face of the country and threw light on the criticism of the Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi-led Congress regimes as it is of the current administration’s communalism. Ending up with a close call the series has made us foresee a blast in season 2.(Sacred Games Review)

Sacred Games Season 1 Sacred Games Review

Final Verdict for Scared Games Season 1

Series left me speechless for a moment but such a tremendous work can’t be left unpraised. Damn engrossing series with remarkable actors with top-notch performance and obviously the class directors who stupendously portrayed the A to Zee of corruption and showing the city in such a way that it looked more magnetic than the characters. A flawlessly crafted thriller with fantabulous background music and locale noises which give an Indian Tint to the series. Yeah! definitely a binge-watch

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