Sacred Games Trailer, Gives A Glimpse Of The Thrill That Awaits Us On 6 July.

Netflix Sacred Games Season 2

Sacred Games Trailer is a window to the series.

Sacred Games has been the most awaited series with an enormous buzz among Netflix fans. Gradually unfolding the layers the makers are sharing its looks, posters, teasers and finally, here we have the trailer of this thrilling series which is based on the novel of the same name written by Vikram Chandra. Sacred Games is directed by cheered directors of the big screen Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap starring Radhika Apte, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saif Ali Khan in the lead. Sacred Games new trailer looks very gripping and full of thrill.

A Look Into The Sacred Games Trailer.

This sacred Games new trailer comes out to be determined and overloaded with lots of thrill to be enjoyed. Sacred Games new trailer opens with Saif Ali Khan answering to an anonymous call where a voice tells him, “Your life is gonna change and you have 25 days to save your city”. Next day he shares the things with his staff and tells them that he said we will die. On further struggle, Saif manages to know who called him and he comes out to be the most wanted goon or rather a gangster of G company. To saif’s astonishment, Gaitonde tells him that he was a friend of Saif’s father, Dilbagh Singh and also tells him that this is the beauty of the city that anything is possible.

“The deadliest games are the ones we don’t know we are playing”. As the trailer drags further it looks so much tangled and restless as it is all about betrayal, grit and glamour set in the backdrop of ever running “Mayanagri”, Mumbai. Betrayal’s glimpse is seen in the new trailer when one of the members of Saif’s staff is seen with Gaitonde. Sacred Games new trailer, in short, portrays a city in crisis with a cop without a case and a criminal without a code and gonna be way too much thrilling and absorbing.

Sacred Games Trailer

Synopsis of Sacred Games.

The story will draw audience deep into the life of Inspector Sartaj Singh portrayed by Saif Ali Khan, and the criminal mastermind, Ganesh Gaitonde characterized by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It is a story of friendship and betrayal set in the backdrop of Mumbai city. According to Netflix, the series focuses on Sartaj Singh, a seasoned and contemptuous police officer, summoned by an anonymous tip one morning, a voice which promises him an opportunity to arrest the powerful Ganesh Gaitonde, criminal overlord of G-Company. In short, the series braids together a story about the lives of the privileged, the famous, the wretched, and the bloodthirsty amid the chaos of modern-day Mumbai. Be ready to watch the story of betrayal, glamour and bewilderness on 6 July only on Netflix.

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