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Samsung is doing mass production of 2nd Gen DRAM chips

Samsung is the leader house of innovation and the company has proven this time and again with their advanced technology-based products.

The company is yet again ready to strike the innovation floors by the mass production of 2nd generation D-RAM chip. These 2nd generation D- RAM chips lies in the 10nm – 19 nm segment. These are LPDDR4X (Low power, Double Data Rate, 4X) based chips offering improved efficiency and less drainage of battery for current generation flagship phones. The second generation LPDDR4X DRAM chips offer 10 percent reduction in power usage for doing the similar operation and maintain the same data rate of 4.266 megabits per second which is being achieved by first gen based mobile phones.

Samsung 2nd Gen DRAM chips

2nd Gen DRAM chips

This new chip has been manufactured by the combination of four 16 GB LPDDR4X ( Low power, Double Data Rate, 4X) chips ( 16 GB equals to 2 GB ) and is 20 % slimmer than a previous generation silicon chip. This second generation chipset is slimmer and more energy efficient than previous generation chipset.

We are likely to see this 2nd generation chipset in Galaxy S10 trio, which is an upcoming flagship device from Samsung and this has been confirmed by the memory division SVP ” Sewo Chun”. The list of devices which will be receiving this second generation DRAM chip is still under matter of speculation. But we can see the use of this chip in the flagship devices which will launch in the fourth quarter of the year.

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