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Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker may come with a camera and a Display

Samsung Bixby Smart Speaker may come with a camera and a Display

MWC 2018 was the event where we came to know that Samsung has been working on a smart speaker lineup of its own. The smart device market, especially the smart speaker market is still growing and has a great future ahead. We have only heard about the Samsung Bixby speaker, but the new patents suggest that the new speaker may come with camera and two axis rotating display.

Amazon was dominating the smart speaker market for the last couple of years, but only till tech giant, Google launched its smart home devices in the starting of this year, which also includes the range of smart speaker enabled with Google Assistant. But still, Amazon Alexa is still in the market giving enough competition to the rival. And still, both Amazon and Google are investing in the fabrication of devices equipped with a camera and bigger display.


Samsung Bixby SpeakerAccording to images shown above, it can be seen easily that the device is having two components, where the head and base can rotate as different sections, the head can rotate while keeping the base static. This suggested patent design sports 7 microphones and, the device will turn to the user whenever it detects him talking to it.

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And not only this, the patent also suggests that the Samsung Bixby speaker will have both cameras, with which the device will know where is the user, and a display to show the information that the user may have requested for. The patent also talks about the device having both a camera as well as a display, which would help it to know where you are and show you information that you may have requested. It actually looks very similar to another product that has been on the market for a while now

So, this is the all about what we can understand from the patent that has been filed. But, no one can assure if the new device will enter the market with the same features or design as discussed above as the sometimes the filed patents might not come out to as the actual product.

The patent that you have seen above was granted to Samsung just two months ago. And it actually seems innovative, reacts to the user, listen to commands. It is sure that Samsung is working on a new smart speaker lineup, the Bixby speaker in the coming months, though the design may be different. Where everyone is excited about, we think no one should be. Yes, the new design if comes to the smart speaker market will give a tough competition, as Google Smart Home and Amazon Alexa has a very basic design. But still, the Samsung own virtual assistant, Bixby, is not as advanced as Google Assistant is. Google Assistant still stands at the top in terms of IQ and productivity, whereas Bixby can only do some relatively basic operations only. So, it won’t be a piece of cake for Samsung to compete with the current rivals in the smart speaker market. Bixby needs improvements.


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