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A Samsung Galaxy Dual Screen Phone may be in the works

The Pandora’s box has opened and outcome a few design leaks from none other than the Korean giant Samsung. A very bizarre and yet futuristic Samsung Galaxy dual screen phone design patent leaked. The phone also sports very minimal bezel.

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Galaxy dual screen

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The design of the patented phone has a display both on the front and back. The rear display is a smaller panel, but much bigger than the rear panel on the Meizu Pro 7 and LG V20. The front screen has a bezel-less design with a slight top bar for an earpiece and what looks to be a proximity sensor
A secondary display may seem like a gimmick in the beginning. But it’s so much more than that. It can help in taking selfies from a much more furnished rear camera. It can also be used like an always-on display as its smaller size means it will consume lesser energy. The secondary display can also act as an extension to some apps, and can even multitask.

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Many times, these patent designs don’t make their way into devices for generations. It’s possible that these designs are not for an upcoming Galaxy dual screen phone but a totally different future device.
Moreover, it was noted that the broken lines do not form a part of the overall design. They are for reference purposes only and may or may not be included. Therefore they do not make a part of the patent per-se.

galaxy dual screen
As for the designs with solid lines, we see a notch-less device, indicating Samsung will not adopt the notch for the foreseeable future. The absence of a proper front camera means that the phone will have a motorized mechanism like Oppo Find X or Vivo NEX. The bezels are notably thin and the phone has almost no front body except for a very thin top line.

Overall, these Galaxy dual screen patent designs make us believe that Samsung will keep on reducing the bezels generation after generation. The day is not far when we see a completely full-screen Samsung Galaxy S phone. Till then, all we can do is rely on the Galaxy design leaks


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