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Samsung Galaxy S10 may feature Iris Scanner and In-Screen Fingerprint : Leaks

Samsung, the Korean tech giant has not announced any major product yet and 2018’s Q2 is about to end, but recently we had some leaks suggesting the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a few weeks away from the official launch. And not only this, Samsung is also planning for the next installment in the Galaxy S series, that is, Samsung Galaxy S10, after the official launch of the new Galaxy Note 9. And here are some leaks suggesting, Samsung may feature Iris Scanner with In-Screen fingerprint and 3D facial recognition system.

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Samsung introduced the Iris Scanner back there in the Galaxy Note 7 and that time it was one of the best innovative biometric security systems, though it was not so swift and secure. And since now, we have seen a number of innovative biometric security system, one of the popular is the facial recognition, and here we are talking about the 3D facial recognition system as we have seen in the Apple iPhone X, not the unreliable AI face recognition, and also the In-Screen fingerprint scanner as we have seen in the recently launched Vivo Nex. Samsung is one of the companies which launch a product only after a lot of research, not a breakthrough at all. Samsung is the first company to launch the concept of bezel-less display in the smartphone. But we have not seen any major development in the biometric security system, for unlocking in the Samsung mobile devices. Even the recently launched Oppo Find X comes with not only a bezel-less display, also an advanced facial recognition system, and the sibling company, Vivo is developing a new 3D TOF Facial Recognition, which can be housed in a smaller area and need no notch.

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According to a report from a Korean site, the next Galaxy device by the Korean tech giant is not the Galaxy X, the rumored Samsung device to feature a Foldable Screen, but it’s the Galaxy S10. And this time there will be no iris scanner (ditched). Report says that Samsung has not ordered sample iris scanner for the prototype of the Galaxy S10 which is still under development, Chances are, the final product, Galaxy S10 won’t feature the iris scanner as the new biometric security options will include the new in-screen fingerprint scanner and the 3D sensor for facial recognition, so, with all this including a Iris Scanner makes no sense.

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According to the leakers, Galaxy S10, codenamed “Beyond”, is expected to come with a display size of 5.8-inches and there will be S10 Plus variant like the previous series, and it is expected to have a display size of 6.3-inches. The Galaxy S10, as told earlier is still in development, so, the speculations made for a 3D face recognition may get false, but in our view, there is a more probability that the new Galaxy S10 may feature a 3D facial recognition and an In-Screen fingerprint.


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