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New Samsung Galaxy S10 Triple Camera Leaks Surface

Even before we have complete details about the Galaxy Note 9, we have come across some Samsung Galaxy S10 Triple Camera leaks. The phone(s) will notably have an ordinary sensor, a wide angle sensor and a telephoto sensor. Along with it, the entry-level version will have a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. The other two more premium versions will have an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy S10 new Leaks

The phone is reportedly going to be launched in 3 SKUs. The entry-level version (codenamed Beyond 0) may not be a successor to the Galaxy S9. Instead, it will mark the beginning of more budget options in the greatest Samsung phones. The device will have two cameras, a 12 MP main camera with variable aperture (f/1.5 , f/2.4), along with a secondary 16 MP f/1.9 wide-angle-lens camera. There is a fingerprint scanner, but it will be on the side, just like the Razer Phone.

galaxy s10 triple camera leaks

The second entry: Beyond 1, the direct predecessor of Galaxy S9, will also have a similar camera configuration. The speciality lies in the in-display fingerprint scanner. The phone will come equipped with the more intuitive bio-metric security.

The third version: Beyond 2, and the most premium perhaps, has the best of all worlds and then some. The phone has an in-display fingerprint scanner and a larger screen. Also, as the Galaxy S10 camera leaks suggest, an additional third camera. The third camera is a 13MP telephoto lens with an aperture of f/2.4, as we predicted in our article here. The phone, if executed properly, will end up destroying the flagship game.

galaxy s10 triple camera leaks

Final Words about the Galaxy S10 Triple Camera Leaks

The Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s upcoming Smartphone slated for launch next year, around the MWC 2019. The phone also marks the 10th iteration in the iconic Galaxy S lineup, known to push the standard of flagships further and further. We have never seen a Galaxy S that failed to deliver the best in technology. With the new Galaxy S10, Samsung plans to crash the market once and for all.

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