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Samsung Galaxy Watch to be Unveiled at IFA 2018

Samsung will finally unveil its most awaited smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch at IFA 2018, according to Korean news outlet, Yonhap. The event will take place late August or early September.

The Samsung Gear watches have been the flagship smart-watches from Samsung that kicked off the smartwatch industry almost single-handedly. The earlier versions focused on bringing synchronization and a more hands-free experience to the user. After they almost perfected the formula, they started focusing more on the Fitness tracking aspect of the watches.

samsung galaxy watch

This year’s revision aims to bring revolutionary changes to the fitness and sleep tracking sector of the watch. A source confirms that Samsung is going to use the Panel Level Packaging process to cram more tech inside the device. This means better internals, more battery life ( rumoured to be upgraded to 470 mAh up from Gear S3’s 380 mAh ). It will sport built-in LTE for a tether-less experience. Also, it will help in saving costs and hence may make the Samsung Galaxy Watch cheaper than its predecessor.

One of the more surprising news is that Samsung may move away from the Tizen OS for the new Samsung SmartWatch to Google’s Wear OS. The rumour is based mostly on the fact that the watch is named Galaxy Watch instead of Gear S4. Samsung switched to Google Wear OS when it dropped the Gear moniker the last time. Although, the name Samsung Galaxy Watch may be an attempt to show the increased compatibility with the Galaxy smartphones. Only further news can clarify the situation. Our money is on the Tizen OS, as it supports the intuitive bezel-rotation gestures, which is a Samsung trademark.

samsung galaxy watch

Any further detail needs more credible sources to validate. Hence, the only choice we have right now is to wait and watch (pun intended), as the whole event unfolds and we finally get to see the watch for ourselves. This, or if some Samsung official slips up (happens more often than not) and reveals any crucial detail. Till then, fingers crossed!


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