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Samsung working on a Custom GPU likely to be housed in S10

Samsung working on a Custom GPU likely to be housed in S10 (Samsung GPU)

Samsung is developing a GPU project, the first or next year to launch its Galaxy series products back to market position.

According to gfxspeak, Samsung is developing a new GPU for future mobile phones and tablets. It has a new architecture that will enable Galaxy phones and tablets to support higher performance graphics. Samsung’s GPU can support “super high resolution” dynamic display function, as well as low power VR system.

This GPU may be seen first with the debut of the Galaxy S10, and it will face competition from Apple’s upcoming A12 chip.

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Samsung GPU

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At present, Samsung has not officially commented on this matter ( Samsung GPU) but has quietly started to promote this matter. Graphic Speak pointed out that Samsung recently hired GPU veteran, Dr. Chien-Ping Lu, who worked for Nvidia to develop nforce GPU chips.

In fact, Samsung announced in May 2017 that it began to develop mobile GPUs. This is also when Apple one month after announced its development of own GPU. Recently, there are rumours that Huawei’s new generation flagship processor, Kirin 980, will use Huawei’s self-developed GPU graphics processor.

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At present, whether Samsung, Apple, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers have begun to develop their own GPUs, but who is the first person in the mobile market to win the race will be a matter to watch.


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