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Samsung Launched Next Gen processor – EXYNOS 9810 for Galaxy S9

Samsung launched its next generation processor, the EXYNOS 9810. It was earlier said that Samsung will launch its new processor, next year, before the launch of its next mega-flagship phone, Galaxy S9, and the new processor will power the upcoming Galaxy S9. But Samsung, yesterday, launched the processor with no grand event or show, even no press was released. Instead the company revealed its new processor chip through acknowledging one of the 36 CES 2018 Innovation Awards the company recently won.

The Exynos 9810 is the successor to Samsung’s first Exynos 9 series chip – the 8895. There is not much details about the new processor and its capabilities, as Samsung didn’t reveal much about that, may be preparing for a grand gift, with the launch of the new Galaxy S9, but we have to wait for that till 2018. Talking about the the new chip, there is small revelation for the Exynos 9810, i.e, it will come with new 18 LTE Modem, which Samsung unveiled earlier this year. It promises peak download speeds up to 1.2 Gbps, as it uses 6 band LTE carrier aggregation technology, 4×4 MIMO, and 256 QAM.

Samsung also stated about the new Exynos 9810, that it comes with an upgraded GPU, although no useful basis for comparison was provided by the company, along with 3rd generation custom CPU cores. It is sure that Samsung will be upgrading to the Mali-G72 GPU, as per its long term deal with ARM for graphics. The chip will be manufactured on Samsung’s 2nd generation 10nm FinFET process, offering up some small tweaks over this year’s flagship SoCs. It will be interesting to see whether, Samsung will introduce any dedicated neutral engine in the chip, as Apple did in A11 Bionic chip, by which Apple can do processing of Face recognition in the real time. May be Samsung will do it, in the response of the A11 Bionic chip’s dedicated neutral engine.

Talking about the build of the new chip. It is expected that Samsung will use 7nm tech to build the chip. But the 7nm manufacturing not expected to reach full swing until midway through 2018, because of some issues, it seems likely that this 10nm processor will end up powering Samsung’s Galaxy S9 in some parts of the world. Whether or not the company has a 7nm version on the way for the Galaxy Note 9 is also an interesting prospect to mull over.
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