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Samsung is Planning to Kill Galaxy J Series : Report

Many smartphones makers have a lot of series of their smartphones which creates a confusion in the mind of the customers. One Such brand is the Samsung, the company has so many series of smartphones like the note series, S series, J Series, A series, M series and so on. Now according to  Electronic Times  Samsung may kill its Galaxy J smartphone line.

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The rumor goes to that commented by DJ Koh, mobile leader at Samsung, which revealed a shift in focus in the company by putting innovative features in the line of intermediate devices.

Currently, the Galaxy J and Galaxy A line could confuse users – line A would fit into a more “premium intermediary” niche. Without the J line, Samsung will be able to focus its efforts on A.

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It is not yet clear how Samsung would deal with the prices of the new A-line, whether they would also cover the J-line values or keep the premium price. Internationally, after this change, Samsung would sell its products in the following manner:

  • Galaxy Note: premium line top
  • Galaxy S: top of the line
  • Galaxy A: Intermediate
  • Galaxy M: entrance

Moreover, A few weeks ago, a news that Samsung could merge the Note and S series of the smartphones was also surfaced online that puts more weight to the news and Samsung is planning to kill at least one of its series of the smartphones.

So, What do you think, the Samsung could do its series of smartphones.? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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