Samsung released unbreakable OLED panel: 1.2 meters dropped 26 times still intact

Samsung released an unbreakable OLED panel: 1.2 meters dropped 26 times still intact

Samsung announced a non-destructive smartphone OLED panel in the United States, which also passed the UL military certification.

UL is a test unit under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor. The specific result of Samsung products is that the height of 1.2 meters falls 26 times and remains intact. The single drop of 1.8 meters is also harmless. In addition, the OLED panel passes through -32 degrees. It can still work normally after being tested to an extreme temperature of 71 degrees.

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Samsung unbreakable OLED panel :

Regarding the construction of the product, Samsung revealed that a layer of non-fragile matrix material and transparent paper adhered to the flexible OLED, unlike the conventional glass cover. Not only is the quality lighter, but the light transmittance and hardness are comparable to glass.

Last week, the gorilla glass 6 Gen was claimed to be the strongest glass of Corning history, but the official standard score was only 15 times drop in height of 1 meter. At least it was not as good as Samsung’s new plan from paper.

new gorilla glass corning gorilla glass 6

At that time, there was speculation that the Galaxy Note9, which will debut on August 9th, will start the gorilla 6 generation. Now, when it is adjusted to start Samsung’s own non-breaking OLED, is it more reliable?

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Samsung said that the new OLED panel is mainly used in the field of smartphones, and in the future, it will be extended to cars, tablets, game consoles and so on.

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