Samsung Wants to merge Galaxy Note and Galaxy S flagship series

Samsung Wants to merge Galaxy Note and Galaxy S flagship series

Samsung is all set to debut the Galaxy Note 9 next month. While the Note series is always an anticipated one, the chances are that this one may be the last in series. Samsung is considering the possibility of simplifying its flagship lines, combining the Galaxy S and Note series as reported by the Korean media.

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Simplification has been considered since last year. Suppliers and partners of the company have already been informed about the possible decrease in the number of flagship smartphones that Samsung releases every year.

Samsung to merge Note and S series

In the past and this year, the company has released a standard version of Samsung Galaxy S and an increased version of Galaxy S Plus in the first half, and the Notebook series has been postponed for the second half of the year.

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One of the biggest reason for merging the Note and S series is said to reduce the cost of manufacturing and increase profitability in the long run as reported by The Bell. Moreover, this will also help the company to conserve its assets used in intriguing and fabricating two separate line of flagship devices.


The Galaxy S Plus model has similar hardware capabilities as Note, with the exception of the proprietary stylus. At the beginning of 2019, the Galaxy S10 Plus is expected to have a 6.4-inch diagonal, while the Note 9 scheduled for August will have 6.38 inches. Releasing instead of Galaxy S Plus and Note one flagship, Samsung will be able to reduce costs and raise the profitability of production.

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