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When Is San Diego Comic-Con(SDCC) 2018 Taking Place?

Gather up all the comic-book and movies fans as the biggest event; San Diego Comic-Con is upon us. In last few years, the San Diego Comic-con(SDCC) has become a mecca for all the comic and movie lovers as big names like Marvel, DC and HBO used to present their upcoming lineup. The event delivers biggest panels, trailers and news about everything from comics to TV and movies. The SDCC 18 is scheduled from July 19-22 with a preview night on 18th which is only for the fans and media. There is a lot of excitement around this year’s event as well as various studios will line up to reveal the biggest news to woo the fans who start lining up from the overnight so that they don’t miss any significant update by their fav studio house.

However, this year’s comic-con will be a little dialled down version because of the absence of Marvel and HBO. So, all the fans around the globe who are anticipating some major reveal related to Captain Marvel or Avengers 4, hold your horses as conveyed by Marvel president Kevin Feige that studio will stay mum till the end of this year. Talking about HBO, after delivering season finale of Westworld they also don’t have any significant announcement lined up as Game of Thrones comes out in mid next year.

San diego Comic-Con 2018 SDCC
Still, there will be plenty of things to look out for during the SDCC 18 as major studios Sony, Fox and DC will be showcasing their upcoming lineups. Sony will be revealing more details regarding their forthcoming venom movie and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. Alongside that who knows we may get the first look of Morbius. Followed by this DC will be making its presence felt with Aquaman trailer release, Shazam’s first look and few details regarding their future lineup. Fox is also expected at the con for Shane Black’s The Predator. So you can expect all the major movie trailers to drop on July 21st.

Apart from all this, there are plenty of TV shows assumed to return to Comic-con. Marvel’s Iron Fist is confirmed, and we can expect that he will be accompanied by the casts of a Punisher and Daredevil. Netflix fan favourite series Stranger Things can also give a pleasant surprise to fans. There will be new shows alongside the older ones which will be showing off footage for the first time. Stephen King’s and J.J. Abram’s new show for Hulu, Castle Rock is premiering their first episode at the comic con. SYFY will be making its presence felt with a full panel for NightFlyers that includes writer George R. R. Martin.

And much more is coming our way so, stay tuned to Vostory as we will provide you with detailed information regarding the upcoming San Diego Comic-con(SDCC).

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