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San Disk SD cards showcases Read-Write speed of 880 MB/s- 430 MB/s at MWC 2018

Everyone has focus towards phones at MWC 2018 but there are lot more other developments which should be taken under notice.

San Disk, which is the part of western digital now has showcased the new generation of SD cards which will use the the PCIe interface for high data writing and reading speeds. With the help of this new interface ; the data speed can reach reach upto 880 MB/s in reading and 430 MB/s in writing.

The system which has been demonstrated by WD at the Mobile World Congress will utlize the advantage of the technology which has been used in SSD for prolong period of time. It will take in use of M.2 to SD adapter and has the same usage of pin arrangement as of SD UHS-II/ III cards to create the PCIe 3.0 X 1 interface which manages the data transfer.

But, it would take a large amount of time for SD cards to reach to general users as the manufacturers are currently not interested in using this UHS-II & UHS III standard.

San Disk MWC 2018

There has been a significant increase in the performance of there cards from different series, UHS-I has the Read-Write speeds of 54-104 MB/s while theoretically the Read-Write speeds of UHS-III specification is 624 MB/s. With the use of PCIe 3.0/3.1 SD cards can reach up to the performance of 985 MB/s

San Disk MWC 2018

Well, the use of this technology will be part of certain future phones and cameras, as the manufacturers have not been able to UHS II & UHS-III technology, the recent release Sony A7 III is using the UHS-II specification and technology.

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