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Sanju Trailer, An Impressive Glimpse Of The Film That Gives You Goosebumps

Sanju Trailer, What a phenomenal and hair-raising glimpse of the film!
Sanju seems to be the most anticipated film of the year and fans are showering their love and excitement for the film. Sanju is an upcoming film which is a biopic of the celebrated actor Sanjay Dutt. The film ensembles an acclaimed cast which includes big names like Paresh Rawal, Manisha Koirala, Dia Mirza, Anushka Sharma, Vicky Kaushal and Boman Irani. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

sanju Trailer

Ride into the Sanju Trailer.

Sanju Trailer opens with Ranbir Kapoor showing his happiness on behalf of Sanju Baba with a voiceover and tells us that his biopic is gonna release. He also tells that where will you find such a life of a person full of varieties where the person is a dipsomaniac, Casanova and drug addict. But not a terrorist, this said to clarify the accusations which were held on to Sanju under pressure. As the trailer drags further the voiceover briefs us his story that the first time he took drugs was when his dad rebuked him, the second time when her mom wasn’t well and by the third time he became a drug addict. There shows up Anushka as a journalist who asks him about his girlfriends and affairs he has had and he begins counting, amusing! Little more deep in the trailer, his friendship with Kumar is shown (Vicky Kaushal) how they used to chill and hang out together.

But here the trailer takes a grim curve where his connections with the underworld get revealed and a little inkling we get from this is how he was accused of keeping an AK56 and sent behind the bars for 6 years for a fake blame of being a part of the bomb blast happened in Mumbai. From then how his life turned to hell and his father supported him every time and trusted him when everyone else turned a back for he knew his son very well. Trailer in such an exceptional way gave way to all the unending battles, darkest depths, loss of loved ones, living hell in prison,  haunting speculations and all the hell he went through despite being born with a silver spoon and cherishing dizzying heights of his stardom life.

Sanju Trailer

What is Anticipated after watching Sanju Trailer?

After watching the trailer the words come out of my mouth are WOW, WOW and WOW! What a gripping, absorbing, awestruck and a distinguished glimpse of the movie I just got. Way too much excited to watch the movie and extremely hot in collars. The movie is gonna be a blaster, so fold your sleeves to witness One Man and his Many Lives on June 29 in your near theatres.


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