Why does Sarada Uchiha wear glasses even with Sharingan?

Sarada Uchiha wears glasses

We found Sarada Uchiha as a cute teen shinobi girl who lives in Konohagakure village along with her dad, Sasuke Uchiha and mother, Sakura. She has been teamed up alongside the seventh Hokage son, Boruto Uzumaki and Orochimaru’s son, Mitsuki. Defining the Sarada Uchiha character, apart from being cute she is also the part of legendary Uchiha clan who are highly skilled in natural battles. But you must be thinking if the Uchiha clan have the best eyes in terms of sight and visual ability, how come she needs to wear the glasses? In this article below, we will try to cover all the facts adhering to the reason, Why does Sarada Uchiha wear glasses?

Sarada Uchiha wear glasses


If you have read the manga, you must be aware, during the absence of her father from the village in order to obtain the information on Otsutsuki, Sarada became ill and had a high fever. After that event, she started wearing the glasses which was gifted to him by Karin, Orochimaru associate

Sarada Uchiha wear glasses

The explanation for this can be given on the basis of theories concluded from Naruto manga. Sarada will have the perfect vision when she will activate the Sharingan as Sharingan enhances her vision while activation, but normally Uchiha eyes will be similar to everyone else.

Sarada Uchiha wear glasses

Sarada Uchiha with glasses

The real reason can put in term of design aesthetics of Sarada’s character. In a conversation with Kishimoto, one interviewer asked,  How is Sarada in terms of context and design. He simply stated that he wanted to present a dark but strong hearted sense for the Sarada’s character to showcase her as a girl version of Sasuke. But, at the early stages of life, we know Sasuke had a really dark touch to his character. So it would not be great to have Sasuke like girl completely. So he added the elements of Sakura in the character of Sarada and glasses were added to enhance the aesthetics of this character. But don’t you agree Sarada looks cute even with glasses.

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