Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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New Satellite with Most Accurate Scan for Storms launched

On Saturday a new advanced satellite VIIRS, a next generation weather satellite, was launched into orbit on a Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The Visible Infrared Radiometer Suite is a small refrigerator sized sensor, built to capture light and other waves that bounce off the surface of Earth. It collects those reflections and turns them into data about earth, the oceans, land and vegetation cover, ice bergs and another region, volcanic plumes, and global temperatures—allowing accurate weather forecasts, wildfire and fishing fleet tracking, and climate monitoring.


A week ago world witnessed another VIIRS undergoing pre-launch testing at the headquarters of space and defense company, Raytheon, in Los Angeles. This was the sibling to the one that launched on the Joint Polar Satellite System-1 orbiter in Saturday morning, the third VIIRS instrument that Raytheon has built. Ultimately, five of these sensors will orbit Earth—on 4 JPSS satellites and the S-NPP,spinning around the planet in vertical, polar orbits, scanning the surface below, and providing that data back down to scientists.

“The scientific community is finding ways to take the data and get more information out of it every week,” says Mark Sargent (Raytheon’s JPSS Programs director).

MAnd there is no break in the process, more satellite like VIIRS will be launched, which directly means more raw data for the scientist to study on, for more accurate information of weather. And this will help to alert any area before hit of any big storm. So, it is of great need.


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