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How to Save a Website to Home Screen in iOS for Instant Access

Save a Website to Home Screen in iOS for Instant Access !!

The internet is filled with million of websites and billions of webpages. However we do visit only couple of websites frequently. Adding your favourite website to Bookmarks are handy but not as comfortable as opening an app. In iOS the Apple let’s us save our favourite webpage directly to our home screen for instant access.

Shockingly this feature is as old as the oldest iPhone is .But this feature is less know to people. However the process to Add the webpage directly to home screen is pretty simple. If you also want to Add your favourite website to home screen then Read on, How to Save a Website to Home Screen in iOS for instant access.


Step 1. First launch the safari browser on your iPhone and load up the website you want to add to the home screen.

Step 2. Tap on the share icon available at the bar of the safari browser. The bar ( with different tools) will be available at the bottom of the browser or might be at the top.

Step 3. Different option will appear after tapping on the share button. Swipe left to find the “Add to Home Screen” and tap on it.

Now a page containing the information and icon of the webpage you selected will appear. This is the preview how the webpage will look at your home screen. You can also edit the title of the webpage if you want as the default name for the webpage will be the website name Along with its tagline.

Step 4. Now just tap on “Add” to save the webpage to your home screen.


That’s all , How to add a website on home screen in iOS. Now you will see an icon with the website logo will be present on your home screen along with the other Apps.

Arranging & Deleting Your Saved Webpages
The saved website or webpage will appear just like any other apps on your home screen. If you want to move that to any other position or page of your home screen then just tap and hold until it begins to shake ,now drag it wherever you want.
If you want to delete the webpage then tap and hold the icon and press the “X” icon. When prompted, tap “Delete.”

Viewing Your Webpage
Now to visit or view the saved webpage simply tap on the icon and it will open in a new tab in safari browser or reload if it is already opened.

So that’s all how you can Add a website to your home screen. If you have any problem doing the same then feel free to ask us. And Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook,Twitter to stay updated with Technology.

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