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Seagate Fast SSD launched in India, Starts from Rs 8990

Seagate launched the Fast SSD range in India on Thursday. The Seagate Fast SSD lineup consists of two models, a 250GB variant and a 500GB one. The Seagate external SSD can go up to as much as 540 MBps on read and 500 MBps on write.

An Entry to the External SSD market

Seagate is a company that has always been focussed on bringing storage solutions with maximum efficiency and minimum price. Their external hard drives are really popular in India and usually make the best seller list. Seagate has held the Hard disk drive market along with WD for quite some time. Now it’s time to shake up the SSD sphere, predominated by Samsung.

seagate fast ssd seagate portable ssd

Seagate Fast SSD Specs

The Seagate Fast SSD uses a USB Type-C interface to communicate with the PC. The drive uses the high speed USB 3.0+ interface to exchange data at unrealistically high speeds. The Seagate external SSD also offers a cable that converts USB Type-C to USB Type-A for machines which do not have the required port. Point to be noted is that if the USB port is 2.0, the drive performance will take a big hit, as the USB 2.0 interface limits transfer speeds to under 100 MBps. A USB 3.0 port should be enough as it also provides wide enough bandwidth to be able to utilize the drive capabilities.

Seagate External SSD price

The Seagate Portable SSD comes in a 2.5 inch form factor and looks really elegant. The SSD will be available for sale on 16 July in the Amazon Prime Day Sale. In the sale the Seagate Portable SSD will start at Rs 8,990 for the 250 GB version. The 500 GB version will cost Rs 10,990. After the sale, the 250 GB version will be available for Rs 9,990 and the 500 GB version for rs 13,990.

seagate fast ssd seagate portable ssd

Our Recommendation

The Seagate external SSD looks great on the paper as well as visually. The speeds are good, but not as high as some Samsung SSDs. But they cost a lot more for the same storage. If your use case depends majorly on transferring media files, accessing software at a blazing fast rate, then the SSD is good enough for you. The 500 GB version of the Seagate External SSD seems the best value. We suggest grabbing one on Prime Day.


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