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Searching Trailer, A Cutting-Edge Digital Thriller Starring John Cho

Searching is an upcoming crime dramatic thriller directed by Aneesh Chaganty. The movie or its storyline is set to whirls around a missing of a 16-year-girl named Marlot who goes missing and even after the several hours of search, no results come out, then her father tries to look into every possible network her laptop and gets the path which takes him almost to his daughter. The movie stars Brad Abrell, Debra Messing, Gabriel D. Angell, John Cho, Joseph Lee, Michell La, Roy Abrahamson, Sara Sohn and Thomas Barbuscha.

The trailer of Searching opens portraying a happy family sharing their moments and cherishing their memories on social platforms, which shows that social platforms are the windows to our lives and one can peep into them to have at least a vague idea of everything of ours. On one hand, it showed that we can stay close to one another even if we aren’t physically close and stay connected to our loved ones anytime and anywhere we can. But suddenly the trailer turns little panicked as the father portrayed by John Cho just enquires about his daughter that whether she has left school on time or not, or if she is fine but gets to know that she didn’t go school today and left her laptop too at home.


The missing investigation team is set on the mission to find Marlot but after the search of 37 hours when cops couldn’t make it then the father of the girls decides to look for her at a place where no one could ever think of and that is her laptop. From her last seen to her search bars to the recent history and videos watched he scrutinizes every single detail of her which could take them to her. From having words with her friends to exploring her Facebook account the dad strain his every nerve to get the idea of where his daughter is? He when checks through her transactions which she made through net banking, finds that her recent transaction was of 2500$ a few days back and then onto the shock of her dad, cops inform that they have found a car with 2500$ cash in it but no trace of her daughter. This thrilling trailer ends in a suspense showing dad sleeping but getting a call from Margot.

Searching’s nerve-frying suspense trailer full of thrill shares with us a lot about how these social platforms are a window to our lives and can be a boon and bane as used letting your lives at risk too. Searching will arrive in cinemas on 31 August 2018.


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