A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2 came out at the beginning of April on Netflix. After a successful first season which made us familiar with Baudelaire orphans and their dreadful life where they are tormented by the evil Count Olaf to get his hands on their enormous fortune. The first season had the mix of humor and sorrow where you laughed at the funny getups dawned by Neil Patrick Harris, but deep down you felt sorry for kids who had to suffer this much. By the end of the season, children are put under the guardianship of Prufrock school after the death of several of their guardians by the hands of Count Olaf. The season 1 was full of mystery and adventure where it kept us on the edge of our seats anticipating the answers to various questions. After the successful season 1, the hopes from season 2 were high, and we were anxious to find out what life has in store for Baudelaire orphans.

What A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 beholds?

The story picks up right from the point where last season ended. Mr. Poe drops the children under the guardianship of Prufrock school and for once you are hopeful that life wouldn’t be that difficult for Baudelaire’s as they try to make a new home in already desolated school. The two-episode part of school perfectly highlights the broken education system where kids are forced to cram things, and there is no scope of self-growth. The condition is so bad that even the library in the school is open only for 10 minutes hence stopping the children from learning from the best source of knowledge that is, books.


The only positive sign for the Baudelaire kids is that they find friends in Quagmire’s who are also orphans. Soon, we find out these kids have a lot in common as their parents worked together in the secret organization. Everything takes a sharp turn when Count Olaf appears again now as a gym teacher. Then we witness unfortunate events and how Baudelaire’s again tackle them, but now with the help of Quagmires. At the end of second episode Quagmire’s are kidnapped by Count Olaf, and Baudelaire’s begin the search for their friends.

In season 1 we saw Baudelaire kids put under the guardianship of different people, however, in this season each of the guardian represents the various type of people in the society. The Squalors represent the wealthy section of the community who are too materialistic and can go to any limits to stay in the limelight. While living with Squalors they unearth details regarding the secret organization for which their parents worked and the term VFD will lead them to solve this mystery.

Once again after escaping the shackles of Count Olaf now disguised as Foreigner Gunther, the Baudelaire kids move to VFD aka Village of Fowl Devotees. The village showcases the culture which doesn’t let society develop by enforcing stupid rules. Nathan Fillion portrays the significant role of Jacques Snicket which adds humor and much-needed flavor to the story. After surviving and saving Quagmires from Count Olaf, the kids find themselves hiding in the Heimlich Hospital. The hospital known for keeping records reveals a twist in the story that turns around things for both kids and Count Olaf.


At last Baudelaire reach the carnival which rightly depicts how people with extraordinary capabilities are treated as freaks in the society. The second season ends on a cliffhanger, and bold decisions of creators to kill main characters make the series more uncertain, hence fueling the anxiousness in you.

What makes A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 Worth Watch?

The series is able to maintain the mystery around the main plot which keeps you on the edge of your seats. The season 1 introduced us to a big puzzle, and in season 2 all the pieces in the complex puzzle start falling in the correct places. The crisp and detailed narration by Patrick Warburton brightens up the whole screen, and you enjoy his dialogues in between the episode. However, Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf remains the highlight of the series who is humorous and at times doesn’t shy away from taking bold decisions. The actors playing the role of Baudelaire kids are a delight to watch, and Sunny Baudelaire steals your heart right away. Other actors namely Lucy Punch, Nathan Fillion, Patrick Breen, Sara Rue and Sara Canning keep you utterly vested in the plot.

The series of unfortunate events season 2 has several plus points over the season 1 as each episode is able to depict the various sections of the community beautifully. The series is not only a pure entertainer as it is based on the kid’s book it shows the importance of friendship, books and never give up attitude in life no matter how terrible the situation gets. Lemony Snicket’s books are no Harry Potter books which are filled with magic, according to me the books are more realistic and teach you a whole lot.

What makes A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2 blahh?

The pacing inevitably dips in the middle of the series and things may seem repetitive after some time. As kids, again and again, go through the same cycle. Other than this everything sits perfectly in the comic drama filled with twist and turns.